A Trick To Flatter Your Neck

How to wear your collar up to flatter and disguise the neck.

The neck seems to always give away a person’s age and my neck has started aging and it bothers me. You know what I’m talking about….those horizontal wrinkles.  Hate them!  LOL

Have you seen the Netflix series “Grace and Frankie” with Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin?

One of my favorite parts of the show is seeing what Jane Fonda is going to wear.   I can’t believe she is 80! I love her style on the show.  It’s odd because her style is classic , slightly preppy and that’s not necessarily my style.   But the way they style her doesn’t scream the traditional preppy look.

What I realized this season that got my attention was how she continually wore her shirt collars up.  I searched online to see how she dresses off camera.  Many, many of the photo’s I found show Jane styled with the collar up.  I began to research further and found out that this “trick” gives a flattering frame to the face and elongates the neckline.

I remember the collar up style from the 80s.  For me it was collar up and pearls.  Back then I wore that look as a trend, not to flatter my neck!  So, I’m going to start experimenting with “collar up” solutions again.    How about you?  Do you like the collar up look?

What tricks do you have to flatter your neck?


White Jackets For Summer

White Jackets For Summer.  Are you in the white jacket camp?

Every season there’s that piece in your closet that you just can’t get enough of. This summer, for for me, it’s the white jacket .  Ok,  so a white jacket isn’t the most practical of items but there’s something about it that instantly dresses up even the simplest outfit. It’s casual and dressy at the same time, and when it’s paired with denim it’s a perfect mix of the two.

I love mine for traveling although many flight attendants have been on the receiving end of my dirty look when they lean over to pass a coke or coffee to another passenger.  LOL

I ordered this one from Cabi a few months ago.  I think it gives any outfit a refreshing look.  I paired with jeans and Michael Kors Leo Sport Slip-On Sneakers 

I love the ribbed front panel of the white jacket because it creates a flattering body-hugging silhouette, but still can hide those “sins”.   Plus, it’s a lightweight cotton so not heavy for summer months in Tucson.

Here’s a close up:


Looking for a white jacket?  Here are a few more white jackets that I’ve found.

So, what do you think? Are you in my white jacket camp?

Jean Jackets

Jean Jackets…A Wardrobe Essential for All Seasons

Jean jackets are probably the most indispensable out of all the essential jackets.  Not only are jean jackets practical, but they also go with anything.  In the spring, you can wear a jean jacket to keep warm until it warms up outside.  You can wear them with dresses for those cool summer nights and a cute scarf and hat for the fall.  Jean jackets come in a variety of colors and washes. Go for a lighter wash for a casual look, and a darker wash for special occasions.  Pick one that suits you, dress it up or dress it down, and have some fun with it.  I feel like I’ve lived in mine this entire spring!


To make your denim jacket more fancy, you can wear it with sequins and heels. It’s a fun mix for going out.


Wear a light-wash denim jacket with a floaty dress, a medium-wash with florals, and a cropped jacket with a graphic tee.


When in doubt, follow any of these rules! Which is your favorite?  Mine is the “classic”!



1. Keep your look simple with black & white stripes. Layer on a dark denim jacket and add a pop of color with your lipstick (or your heels) like Lacey did. (image)

2. A denim jacket toughens up a little flirty skirt — add a hat and ankle booties for a little edge. (image)

3. We love how Jessica styled her denim jacket with a sweet floral romper. It would look equally as cute with a floral dress! (image)

4. Try an edgy look with an embellished jacket, graphic tee and flats. (image)

5. Kelly, aka The Glamouri, shows us how denim on denim can be totally chic, especially when paired with sexy pumps. (image)

6. A denim jacket works perfectly with bright or patterned pants. We love Jane’s neon yellow look. (image)






A good jean jacket is a wardrobe essential that you’ll get tremendous use from and be able to wear almost year round!  It’s easy to style up or down and can go with almost everything!  A jean jacket looks great on all ages and all body types!  So what do you think?  What is your favorite way to style a jean jacket?  Share you thoughts in the comments!



Summer Trends

Summer Trends – Proven Winners Part 3 of 3

Fashion Trends and Friends along with their millennial advisory, Courtney, went on a recent shopping adventure.  The mission was to locate our top three picks for summer must haves at some of our favorite stores.  FTF is presenting a three series blog!  We will share our top three picks based on trends, price point and comfort.  This week review of Chico’s completes the series.

Off the Shoulder Shirts

Nothing says spring or summer like an off the shoulder shirt.  Like a could shoulder shirt this is a style that looks great on all women.  Its sexy, fun, and shows just the right amount of skin.  This top has the cutest details from bell sleeves to embroidery not to mention the beautiful rich color.  Julie and I both loved it!

Shop the Look:

Effortless Button Up!

I love back and white and stripes so this cotton button up blouse called my name!  It can be worn on its own or used as an open top layer.  What a great staple for spring and summer.  I love the length, not too long!  If you don’t want to bare your arms, just top it with a cardigan or a blazer.  This clean classic is so versatile.  It can be worn casually during the day or dressed up for a night on the town.  It’s a winner!

Shop the Look:

Girlfriend Jeans!

We love Chico’s girlfriend jeans for their slimming style, higher waist(no muffin top) and stretch fabric which makes you feel like you can live in them forever.  They are so comfortable!  This tile design is fun and fresh for the summer.

Shop the Look:

We’d love your feedback on our three part series of proven winners for summer.  Did you find it helpful?  Would you like to see a similar series every season?  Which were your favorites?  Please take a minute to leave a comment to share your thoughts and reactions with us.

Summer Trends

Summer Trends – Proven Winners Part 2 of 3

Fashion Trends and Friends along with their millennial advisory, Courtney, went on a recent shopping adventure.  The mission was to locate our top three picks for summer must haves at some of our favorite stores.  FTF is presenting a three series blog!  We will share our top three picks based on trends, price point and comfort.  This week we will present our top finds from Ann Taylor and Loft!

The Cold Shoulder

FTF is soooo happy this trend continues!  It is a fun look that everyone can wear because everyone has beautiful shoulders! However, not all of us can say the same about our upper arms from a size or skin perspective.  Not to worry because the cold shoulder sleeve beautifully solves the problem by offering just the right amount of coverage. We fell in love with this particular top.  The vertical stripes are slimming, the fabric doesn’t cling and flows beautifully away from the waist camouflaging a chubby middle and the flowy three quarter bell sleeves offer enough coverage for cooler spring days but will also keep you cool in the summer.

Shop the Look:

Bright Colors, Lace and Sunflowers!

This spring you will see lots of bright colors,  lace and sunflowers.  Loft combined all three in this amazing sleeveless shell.  For me it was love at first sight.  I had to have it!  With a spray tan, I may even be brave enough to bare my arms!

Shop the Look:

Tassels Tassels Everywhere!

This spring tassels are on everything and this top from Loft is no exception.  I am always in search of a cute top to wear on the weekends while running errands.  This split neck tasseled number is perfect.   It is a little pricey but worth it from my perspective for two reasons.  First and foremost, I love the way it looks and feels.  That alone almost justifies the price but it also is very versatile.  I will pair it with shorts and jeans and can even dress it up with a scarf or jewelry.  As an added bonus it flows away from the waist hiding any muffin top!  The three quartered banded sleeves are perfect for spring and summer.  It also comes in three colors.  I just might have to order the one in guava jelly!

Shop the Look:

Tune in next week for our final installment of our three part series – Proven Winner for Summer!

Summer Trends

Summer Trends – Proven Winners Part 1 of 3

Fashion Trends and Friends along with their millennial advisory, Courtney, went on a recent shopping adventure.  The mission was to locate our top three picks for summer must haves at some of our favorite stores.  FTF is presenting a three series blog!  We will share our top three picks based on trends, price point and comfort.  First up, is Charming Charlie!


Pom Poms and Tassels are everywhere in bright summer colors!  This is an easy trend to add to your already existing wardrobe.  Think earrings, necklaces, bracelets, scarves, hats and purses!





Charming Charlie has a full wall of colorful scarves!  Recently, they were two for $20.  Anyone can wear a scarf and the ways to tie scarves are endless…that’s another blog!  Scarves are always an easy add on to bright summer colored tops!  Think scarves that are embellished with tassels and pom poms for a trendier look…such FUN!


I (Julie) purchased the pink, red and coral scarf.  I braided it to accent the tassels when I wear it!

Another trend is to wear a scarf and layered necklaces:


pink, red & coral scarf

capri striped tassel scarf


This cold shoulder top with tassels was a hit with all of us and as you can see can be worn by various body types.  Both Lori and I bought the black top.  Another reason this is such a great top is because you can actually wear a black bra and not a strapless bra.  While the straps are thin, the bra strap blends well with the strap of the top.  It also comes in white!

Abbey (in the center) was such a help during our shopping adventure!  Courtney (on the right) is one of our millennial advisors!  Lori purchased the top, the tote, the necklace and the tassel earrings!  With the sales and coupons, we all scored great deals!


Which of these trends is your favorite?  Leave us a comment.
Tune in next week for part 2 of our 3 part blog.  We will share another store and our top three picks/proven winners for the summer!

An Interview With Desert Bloom

The Desert Is In Bloom

As part of The Fierce 50 Revolution, we want to introduce you to real women who are accomplishing their dreams.  I’m so excited to introduce Claudette the owner of Desert Bloom, a fashion boutique in Tucson AZ.

I couldn’t have been more excited to see a new boutique open 5 minutes from my house as I love a good boutique!  The good news, is that it’s next to the grocery store I shop at.   The bad news, is it’s next to the grocery store where I shop.  LOL    The shop has only been opened since April and I’ve already done some major damage!

This fabulous boutique has something for everyone at any age.   She buys from unlikely places like Australia, Germany, Canada, Yugoslavia and Vermont.  In talking with Claudette during my numerous trips into her shop, I learned that this is her 2nd location.   Her first location is in downtown Tucson, which was opened 2003.

Claudette’s story is inspiring and I wanted to share it with all of you.

Her Story

In 1992, she moved to Tucson with her husband.  Shortly after arriving to Tucson she and her husband divorced.   At the time, she was working for a garden/home goods shop in downtown Tucson.   Right after the divorce she learned that the owner of the shop she was working at was going to close the business.   The owner asked her if she wanted to buy the business.   As Claudette tells me, she was a single parent with 2 kids and one starting college, a new car and many new bills.   She goes on to tell me that she was not a business person.  Note, she was a teacher in a past life.  She didn’t know how to use a computer (She thought it was something you watched Oprah on! LOL) and claimed she had no employable skills.  Claudette said she was in survival mode, so without thinking it through she bought the business.

Always having a passion for fashion, she evolved the shop from garden/home goods to a fashion boutique.  14 years later she has a thriving business in downtown Tucson and just opened her second location up in the foothills by me.  Not a business women??  I think not!

The Best Part Of Claudette’s Job?

Claudette said that she hasn’t worked a day in 14 years.   Wow, how many of us can say that?   I asked her what the best part is about her job.   She said, My job is to make sure you look like YOU on your very best day”.   She’s done that for me and others.   I watch how she interacts with her customers.   Its’ not unusual  for one of customers  to say, “I would have never picked that for myself.”   Claudette has a great eye to know what’s going to work and not work.

Claudette’s style philosophy? “If everybody’s got it, I don’t want it or I already had it two years ago.”

 While I was in the store last week I saw an outfit that I wanted, but wasn’t sure if I liked how it looked as I’ve been trying to lose the same 10 pounds for 2 years!  Claudette said….” buy like a guy”.  I asked her what she meant.   She said, “men feel entitled and love themselves no matter what they look like,  so don’t worry about the 10 pounds, love how you look now and buy like a guy”.  I love that! That is my new mantra.   So, I bought like a guy.   Here’s what I bought…

Thank you, Claudette, for spending time with me and sharing your story.   You have a new fan and evangelist for Desert Bloom!

While she doesn’t have a website yet, if you liked an item you saw in this post, you can call her and she will ship out to you.  Phone # is 520-792-9882.  Or you can check out her Facebook page here


Note: All opinions are completely my own.  I was not asked by anyone to do a review and did not receive any compensation for it.

An Uplifting Experience

An Uplifting Experience:  Fashion Trends and Friends Goes for a Bra Fitting

Theory:  If a woman is in a proper fitting bra, an outfit will go from good to great and you can potentially look up to 10 pounds thinner!  Who doesn’t want that? And we’re pretty sure we’re not wearing the right size!  To test this theory, we needed to find someone who was experienced and knowledgable about how to fit FTF for the proper size bra.  When asking around, we kept getting the same name.  We heard over and over that we need to go see Tina at Tina’s Closet.   I called to make our fitting appointment and was shocked and delighted to actually speak to Tina.  I told her that we were fashion bloggers and asked permission to take pictures and videos.  Two days later, I received a phone call from a film producer asking if FTF would be interested in being part of a documentary series about Tina.  Lori and I jumped on the opportunity.  It will be totally easy to portray ourselves – fashion bloggers – right?!

Documentary Series:

A question FTF wanted answered first was what was the purpose of this documentary series.  The producer’s intent was to showcase Tina from Tina’s Closet.  It was going to be a docuseries/TV show that tells the story of one woman’s challenges and hurdles in the business world. Basically a show that empowers  women.  FTF was sold!


Lori and I met at a cafe to begin the filming process.  We were surprised to be met by several producers, a makeup artist, a film crew, etc.  The cafe was crowded, which elevated the excitement!  Lori and I chatted about why we choose to blog about this topic and discussed our excited anticipation to meet Tina!  Take one was complete – after many takes, lots of laughs, people taking our pictures.  Scene Two:  Tina’s Closet.  Excitement was building as we waited for the film crew to capture us meeting each other for the first time. (Notice one of the producers photobombing us!)


Tina’s Closet:  Meeting Tina


Bra Woes:

Tina’s Closet® wasn’t established to just sell bras. Tina, The Bra Surgeon™ has come up with solutions to all  Bra Woes™ to help women who realize they need some expert assistance. Women don’t have to suffer in silence anymore. “Doctor” Tina will help you find your very own perfect fit…and that’s exactly what she did for us!

Lori and I had several of these woes!  My bra was constantly riding up my back.  Sure enough we were wearing the wrong sizes.  Tina takes numerous measurements in addition to eyeing you up the minute she meets you.  For total transparency, I walked in wearing a 38D and ended up wearing a 36 DDD.  Tina also educated us on how to put a bra on correctly.  Who knew after all these years that there are right and wrong ways of putting on a bra.  Immediately, I felt uplifted and smoothed out!  The girls were back up north and securely in place!  I felt so confident that I even jumped up and down to demonstrate how they stayed in place!  AMAZING!  Why hadn’t we done this earlier?!  Tina is so talented that her repeat customers come from all over the world!


Lori’s Thoughts:

Julie and I always have fun together which is one of the reasons we’ve been friends for so long but this day of  filming and working with Tina to find the right bra was a total blast!  Like Julie I too was wearing the wrong size bra which caused the girls to go east and west and created unsightly back fat – ick!    Tina easily solved both issues and I walked away with a much better look not to mention very pretty bras and underwear! Such a fun experience!

Julie’s Thoughts:

Regardless of the outcome of the documentary series, Lori and I had so much fun on this day!  It’s almost hard to put it all into words!  The filming crew and all the employees at Tina’s Closet hit it off so well.  Tina is an amazing woman who is so genuine and is truly passionate about what she does!  I was touched by the number of woman she has helped over the years and her extreme generosity.  We were all blessed to click since none of us had met prior.  This eight hour day flew by and left me with many cherished memories…and of course the right bra size!


The Fierce 50 Revolution Continues!

Fierce 50 Follow Friday

Fashion Trends and Friends is part of The Fierce 50 Campaign/Revolution.  We are a group of 50 bloggers that are 50 and older who are looking to revolutionize the fashion industry by joining forces and asking retailers and designers to take notice.  We want them to know we are here, love fashion and have disposable income to spend.  Nobody puts baby in the corner!

Today we are launching Fierce 50 Follow Friday.   Each blogger in the Fierce 50 Campaign is introducing other bloggers to their followers.  We are so happy and proud to introduce you to some incredible women.  Please check them out!  They all offer something unique; and we know you will love following them!



  • Ana’s (Mrs. American Made) style is easy, put together and focuses on environmentally friendly fashion made in the USA.



  • Carrie (A Stylish Fit) focuses not only on fashion but also on living a fit, healthy and stylish life!



  • Nina (Sharing a Journey) shares her passion for fashion and beauty, and her love of creating and writing.  Nina shares her journey of reinventing herself.



  • Linda (A Labour of Life) is a lifestyle blogger and covers a wide range of topics.  Linda hosts a weekly link-up each Thursday. This Canadian is full of life and personality!




  • Angelique is an author and coach who loves fashion!



  • Dawn loves encouraging women at midlife to have fun with fashion!



  • Nicole is from Alaska and shows women how to turn fashion into style!



  • Margaret is hanging out in LA and styles women for red carpet events – how fun!!



  • Carol  is a powerhouse!  FTF loves her because she is a fun, positive, energetic up lifter!  She is all about empowering other women.  Carole is PHD, a bestselling author, TV contributor and an image consultant! She is an FTF favorite for sure!



  • Lesley is fantastic!  She is both a fashion and Lifestyle Blogger for those who live life fabulously.   She is also a Singer/Actress, Wife, Mother, Daughter, Sister and Best Friend!  FTF thinks she is worth checking out!



  • Cheryl 💗art in all its forms, especially fashion!  She hopes to inspire women to be fashionable at all stages of life!  FTF loves her style!



  • Hilda is from Ireland and posts beauty finds, fashion for the older woman and tips for health and well-being.   FTF loves her international perspective!