My Poshmark Buying Experience

Poshmark is a marketplace like eBay (think online thrift shopping), where sellers list their own garments and sell online through an app.   They have been around since 2011 so it had plenty of time to die out if that was its destiny.  I finally took the plunge into the much-hyped world of Poshmark.

Why I Shopped Poshmark

I love Cabi and I’m a huge “promoter”.  You can read about my love for Cabi here  but their items can be pricey and every season I have to force myself to stay within a budget when I attend a show or I could end up spending a fortune!  LOL

I know that many of the Cabi stylists sell their samples on Poshmark, so I constantly look for items I liked, but didn’t purchase.

After stalking Poshmark for over a year, I finally took the plunge and purchased my first item.  I bought this Cabi jacket.   I liked the vintage flair.   It’s part of a collection from a few years back, but the style (fringe still in) and color is classic enough to wear this season.

This jacket is car coat length and I liked that I could wear it as outerwear and as a blazer.  The jacket was $180 and I got it for $35!   Ordering was easy.   Shipping by this seller was free!   This was a nice surprise as most sellers have shipping charges.  I received the jacket within a week.  The seller wrapped it in tissue and to be honest this jacket doesn’t even look like it was worn.  I love the look.  This will be a nice versatile piece that I can dress up or down.

So, my 1st experience has been extremely positive .  I will go back to this sellers site and watch for other Cabi items she lists!

Poshmark Tips

  • Ask questions! Don’t be afraid to ask for more pictures, item descriptions, or any other questions you may have regarding an item.
  • Shipping costs Normally you pay for the shipping, but you can find sellers who include free shipping
  • Know what you’re buying  I know it’s time consuming, but it will save you a lot of heartbreak if you do some research up front. Search eBay and other Poshmark closets before settling on an item to make sure you’re getting the best deal and quality!
  • Make offers! Many sellers are flexible when it comes to price. Don’t be afraid to make an offer and see if you can bring the price down a little bit.
  • Search, search, search Poshmark is great because it takes the work out of thrift shopping.  Search for your favorite brands, styles, and sizes all in one place!

Have you used Poshmark? Do you like it more than other places you buy second-hand clothes?  Leave us a comment and let us know your thoughts!


Meet Terri Ring and The Little Red Ribbon!

Making Her Dream Come True

FTF is as much about friends as it is about fashion.  So from time to time we are going to introduce you to some of our most fashionable, creative and talented friends.  Women we love dearly.  Today we’d like you to meet Terri Ring.


Terri is the sister of one of my dearest childhood friends, Ann Basinski.  I spent much of my youth in the Basinski household and considered it a second home.

I wanted to introduce you to Terri because of her inspiring story!  About a year ago she courageously took the plunge, quit her job and made her life long dream of opening a boutique a reality.

The Little Red Ribbon is Born

To say she has been dreaming about this for years would be a massive understatement.  In fact many of the display items in her store were purchased years and years ago.  Terri stored them in her basement thinking one day I can use this for my store.  When Annie first told me that Terri was going to open a boutique, I was surprised but only because I had no idea it was Terri’s dream. However, my next thought was this makes perfect sense!  Terri is one of the most creative people I know and has always possessed great taste and style.  She is one of those people that can create beautiful yet comfortable spaces, put together the perfect party and make everyone feel at home!

Location, Location, Location!

The Little Red Ribbon is part of Roselle Main Street Merchants, a great collection of shops and restaurants.  I couldn’t wait to see Terri’s boutique so I called Julie, my FTF partner in crime, and we set a date.

The Welcoming Committee

When we walked in we were greeted by two of the cutest Jack Russell Terriers you ever saw! Terri affectionately refers to them as “the boys”.  The store like Terri’s home is beautifully decorated and welcoming.  So many interesting displays and merchandise.  The Little Red Ribbon carries women’s clothes, purses, tote bags, scarfs, jewelry, baby clothes, household goods and a very cute collection of items for the man in your life.  It is the perfect place to find a special and unique gift for any one on your list.

Let the Shopping Begin

We started at the front and worked our way meticulously through and around the entire store.  I loved the collection of sweaters, capes and tops!  Here is a sampling of what Julie and  I tried on!

I loved this coat sweater and had to have it!  It is great in the winter as part of a complete outfit and will serve as a coat in the spring and fall.

This black sweater has a split sleeve on the upper arm a flowy waist and pairs beautifully with a scarf or necklace.  I purchased both the sweater and the necklace!

Julie fell in love with this sweater.  It looked great with what she wore that day.  It also comes in black!


Check out the video showing this beautiful cape!  It is reversible and can be worn differently to create two different lengths.

I loved it so much I had to buy it and featured it in one of FTF’s Instagram posts!  I love that it is reversible!


The Little Red Ribbon also has a great collection of cards for any occasion.  This particular one cracked us up!

I also had to have this sign.  I have a black and white kitchen and it is the place everyone gathers at my house during parties which always makes me happy!

Here are some examples of the other merchandise in the store!


What’s in a Name

Terri named her store The Little Red Ribbon with the vision that one day it will be so well known that she will no longer need to put a name on the bag because when you see a white bag with a red ribbon attached you will know instantly that it came from The Little Red Ribbon.  Just like Tiffany’s blue box!  Julie and I highly recommend you stop by the Little Red Ribbon if you are in the area.  The merchandise is varied and unique.  It is one of those stores you love to shop over and over again.  Also the prices are so reasonable.  I purchased the black sweater, coat sweater, cape, white pullover(not shown), two necklaces and the sign all for $332.  Awesome, right?


Contact and Follow The Little Red Ribbon:

The Little Red Ribbon

113 Main Street, Roselle, IL  60172

(847) 338-1493



Inspiring Others

Dreams are fragile precious things that deserve protection.  I think we sometimes hold them tightly to our chest and within our hearts not willing to share them for fear that naysayers, negative thoughts and opinions will put doubt in our minds and cause us not to pursue them.  So thank you Terri Ring for providing inspiration to us all!  Your personal journey shows us all that dreams really do come true!

Don’t Let Anyone Fool You Shopping is Hard Work

After a hard day of shopping Julie and I like to relax with a cold beer and some nibbles.  Terri recommended a restaurant a few doors down from The Little Red Ribbon called 8000 Miles.  It had a very welcoming staff, nice ambiance and great appetizers!   A wonderful place to take a load off after an afternoon of shopping!



Is Microblading for You?

What is Microblading?

What is microblading you ask?  According to Wikipedia, microblading, also known by a variety of names such as embroidery, microstroking, feather touch and hair like strokes, is a form of semi-permanent makeup that provides a means to partially or fully camouflage missing eyebrow hair with the appearance of simulated hair using fine deposits of cosmetic tattoo pigments. Over time the strokes can blur and fade and will need to be refreshed.

Recently, my step-daughter Tiffany had her eyebrows done.  Here is my interview with her:


Why did you decide to get your eyebrows microbladed?


My eyebrows were so light and scarce.  It would take me up to twenty minutes to draw them on.


How long did it take to get them done?


It took a half hour to draw them on.  They applied a numbing cream, which took about 25 minutes to take effect.  The actually microblading process took about an hour.  The first sitting was approximately two hours.


Was it painful?


No!  Unlike tattooing, microblading doesn’t go as deep into the skin.


How did you know what color to pick?


They recommended a color.


How long will it last?


It is suppose to last for 12 – 18 months.


What is the cost?


It costs about $450.00.


Is there anything else I didn’t think to ask that would be helpful for someone to know when deciding whether or not microblading is for them?


Yes, you can’t sweat for up to seven days and you shouldn’t get your eyebrows wet for seven days.  For the first few days, I was at home and didn’t take a shower.  I just wiped my face with baby wipes.  When I washed my face, I went around my eyebrows and used a wash cloth to rinse.  In four to six weeks, you need to go back for any corrections.


Are you glad you had this done and would you do it again?





Where did you go for your microblading?



Lush Brow Artistry

4048 N. Milwaukee

Chicago, IL

Tanya Verdin, “Designing eyebrows is an art 🖋🎨🖌

Measurements are taken in order to pre-draw ✏️ a shape that goes well with each individual’s facial features. Pigments 🎨 are custom blended to match the existing eyebrow hair color. Hairlike strokes are created to mimic the client’s natural hair growth pattern.”


Is microblading something you would consider?  Leave us a comment!


Review: BOOM! By Cindy Joseph Makeup

Cindy Joseph Puts the Boom! in Boomer Makeup

Four weeks ago, I was packing for a business trip to New York.  I was trying to get 3 days of winter clothes, shoes and toiletries into a carry-on.   As I was packing I noticed my cosmetics & skin care bag was completely overstuffed.  The craziest part is, when it comes to makeup and my skin care I’ve always had a mantra that it’s gotta be easy, simple and not a lot of products. I sat there and thought, “what is going on?  Why am I traveling with so many products?  You have got to streamline this” but I couldn’t.   LOL

The next morning, while waiting to board the plane I was skimming through my FB feed and stopped on a sponsored video post by Cindy Joseph, the founder of Boom.  I see many video posts in my feed, normally I just move on, but I stopped to watch.

Cindy Joseph talks in the video about her career as makeup artist and was a proponent of the natural look.  She developed a simple line of cosmetics designed not to mask, hide or correct but simply to enhance a woman’s natural beauty.  Her BOOM! products mark her attempt to package that glow you get from a light workout.


BOOM!  is a set of three multi-use products that should be able to replace a drawer full of cosmetics. I love that!  In Joseph’s eyes, these are all any woman needs to head out the door looking naturally beautiful. There’s BOOMSTICK COLOR for rosiness, BOOMSTICK GLIMMER to highlight with a pearly sheen, and BOOMSTICK GLO to add moisture and a dewiness wherever it’s needed.

After watching the video, I was very intrigued and ordered the product before I got on the plane.

The Review

This handy little trio of sticks are WONDERFUL!  I can put on makeup in less than 5 minutes.  It looks natural, fresh and all three sticks fit in my hand! Good Bye overstuffed makeup bag!   I’ve been using the products for about 4 weeks now and love them!  I feel like I have a “fresh-face” look and its light and translucent.


gives your skin a slight dewiness while moisturizing.  I love the texture of it.  It’s all natural made by a bee keeper in Hawaii. The ingredients are bees wax, olive oil, and honey, it is really moisturizing.  I even put it on my cuticles and feet!

The Color Stick

can be applied to cheeks, eyes, lips, forehead… anywhere you need a little color.   I was really anxious to try this one because I’ve recently started noticing that when I put on a power blush it was dulling my skin.   She says that the color is specially formulated to customize to EVERY skin tone.  While listed as blush, it is meant to be treated more like a bronzer. This is my favorite of the 3.  The color is sheer and for me, it does look like I just got back from a light workout.  So, I carry it with me and can touch up at any time.

When I’m in a real hurry, I swipe it on upper cheek bones (yes, it goes on darker than I would want anyone to see me…but it fades to a natural look in just a few minutes) I put excess from fingers across upper forehead (thought this was silly when I first saw her directions), but it works! It makes a nice glow up there.

I also add to my lips.  Love a red lip, but most colors are too dark for me at this age and this is perfect.  I must admit it doesn’t last that long, but neither do most regular lipsticks I’ve used.  Finally, I will swipe on my eyelids.  This is not a full-fledged makeup routine.  It’s the “Ugh… I need to run out to the store and I don’t want to take the time to do my makeup” – this makes me look pretty good.   When I’m working from home I keep it on my desk and do a quick touch up right before a WebEx or google hangout call.   It’s the best.


is a very pretty dark champagne shimmer. I use it on my eyelids, on my brow bones, cheek bones.  Basically, you can wear it anywhere you want to catch just a little light without looking glittery.

Video About The Products

You can check out her video tutorial in which Joseph shows you how easy it is to apply and gives some helpful tips for when you (inevitably) buy them.  LOL

I tried to take a picture for you, but the while the look is great in person, it doesn’t show up that well in pictures. It’s subtle but a definite improvement in a couple of minutes!  All I have on is Boom products and mascara.

The best part? This let me ditch the jam-packed makeup bag to travel with essentials only (and it doesn’t even need to go in your 3-1-1 bag since it is solid)

Moisturized skin that adds a natural glow with just three products? Doesn’t get more essential than that!  Now if I could just figure out how to get my hair products down to 3!

NOTE:  Right now there is a 10% off your order coupon code.   Use BOOM10 during check out.

All opinions are completely my own.  I was not asked by anyone to do a BOOM review, and did not receive any compensation for it.

FTF’s First Product Review in 2018!

Rhoto Eye Drops

I discovered this product through my son, Matt.  Matt is a blue eyed white boy whose eyes are often red.  My eyes are red from time to time mostly due to allergies.  In any case I think Rhoto Eye Drops are amazing.  Truly one of the best products I’ve ever tried!



Have you used Rhoto eye drops?  Do you share my enthusiasm?  Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment!

The opinions in this post are my own.  I was not asked to review this product or compensated in any way.  

Do You Wish for Whiter Teeth?

AP 24 Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste by Nu Skin Review

My interest was peaked after seeing several posts on Facebook regarding the amazing results of the AP24 Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste.  In my opinion, my teeth aren’t bad and my dentist always confirms that but if I could make them whiter by simply brushing me teeth, I’m all for it!  It’s important to note that I have sensitive teeth and have previously used whitening strips.  The strips while making my teeth whiter always cause me to have EXTRA sensitivity for several days.  My teeth do get stained in between my six month dentist visits from drinking iced coffee.

I reached out to Kristi Lynn Hartman Cole to inquire.  Kristi informed me of the great benefits of the toothpaste.  She graciously sent me a tube to try and to share my results with you.



Don’t mind my funny faces and the emphasizing of my teeth in my video…LOL


AP-24® Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste lightens teeth without peroxide while preventing cavities and plaque formation. The gentle, vanilla mint formula freshens breath and provides a clean, just-brushed feeling.


  • Brightens and whitens teeth.
  • Helps remove stains.
  • Helps remove and prevent plaque buildup.
  • Helps the prevention of dental cavities.
  • Provides a long-lasting smooth, clean, and fresh feel.
  • Features AP-24, an exclusive ingredient.
  • Refreshing, trademark vanilla mint flavor.
  • Thick, creamy, rich formula.
  • No harmful peroxides.



These photos have not been altered or filtered in any way.  In my opinion, my teeth are whiter and aren’t getting stained as they typically do in between cleanings.  For me, the fact that I don’t experience sensitivity and pain is worth using AP24 over whitening strips!


I intend to continuing using AP24.   A tube costs $20.00; and I’m still using the first tube sent to me back in October.  If you consider the cost of whitening stripes and toothpaste, it’s a pretty good deal!  To purchase click here: ti or email Kristi Cole at:

Kristi Cole will be ordering more whitening toothpaste this week! The SALE below is  effective until Thursday at midnight.

This post is not endorsed by Nu Skin.  This post is my own and represents 100% of my honest opinions.

How To Wear Red

How to wear winters “it” color – Red!

There are lots of winter trends, but the one I was most excited about is red! It was all over the  runways, and Pantone even declared the shade Aurora Red as one of the top ten colors of the season. Think you can’t wear red because of your skin tone? Don’t worry—the “experts” say the right shade of red can actually brighten your complexion.  That along is reason to try red!

Still on the fence?  Here are 5 examples of how to wear red that might inspire you.

  • Find the red that works best for you. Not everyone feels like they can pull off every shade of red. Try maroon, muted red, and bright red.

  • Maybe try pops of red. Wearing red accessories, a patterned scarf or vest are good ways to do this.

  • Try a red lip. You’ll have to find the shade that works best for you and your routine. Be willing to try a variety.

  • Wear a red or maroon bottom. It may be easier for you to wear red jeans or a red skirt.

  • If all else fails, red shoes might be a good option. Again, you aren’t limited to the traditional cherry red you might be thinking of. Maroon is always good too.

My Outfits

My style is pretty casual.  Everything I buy these days has to past the “can I pack it in a carry-on” test.  All of these pieces are easy to pack & don’t wrinkle.    My shades of red vary from a bright red to maroon.   I wear the boots pictured below often!  It’s just enough to add a pop of color to an outfit.   I find one of the easiest ways to wear red is to combine with 1 other color.

Are you wearing red this season?  Tell us about your best red looks.


The Best of 2017 Product Reviews

A look back at the products I fell in love with this past year!

Of all the products I tested in 2017 these are the ones I truly love and now use all the time.  The opinions in this post are my own.  I was not asked to review any of these products or compensated in any way.  Did you use any of these products?  Which are your favorites?



What Are You Wearing for the Holidays?

Here’s What I’m Wearing for the Holidays…

Do you like to be dressed up and fancy for the holidays?  Or do you prefer a more casual and relaxed look for the holidays?  Those of you that know me well know that I’m pretty much always fancy and it doesn’t require a holiday or special occasion!  At work this past week, I was asked if I was going somewhere afterwards…No!  Being overly dressed for any event I attend is almost always a given; but I don’t mind as that is how I feel most comfortable!


Think pjs!  I actually convinced my entire family to wear matching family pjs last year!  My son-in-law was a trooper and at least put them on long enough for a photo!  Of course it became necessary to add silly headwear and a flashing Christmas Bulb Necklace!

Our matching pajamas came from Pajama Gram!  Don’t forget your fury loves!  Pajama Gram carries pjs for your pooch and for your cat!




Think sweaters, embellished jeans (is that considered fancy? – not for me!), leggings and booties!  Stars seem to be a current trend as I’ve seen them on almost everything!  Both sweaters have sparkly stars!  I think this look will also transition well into the winter!

The gray star sweater is from Macy’s!  The pearl embellished jeans are from Chico’s.  The white metallic booties are from Target.

The black star sweater and necklace/earrings are from Stein Mart.  The polka dot leggings are from Chico’s.  The gold booties are from Amazon – Lucky Brand.




Perhaps you’re not into sparkle and glitz!  Maybe plaid, button downs and puff vests are more your thing!  I used to have a different Christmas sweater for every day in December when I was still in the classroom teaching.  I kept some of my favorites and have purchased some not so “classroom” looking sweaters!

How cute is this French Bulldog Sweater from Dress Barn?  The snowflake has rhinestones!  It spoke to me and I had to have it!  The red pants are from Chico’s.  The puffy vest is Michael Kors (similar here) from Carson’s.  The buffalo plaid button down is also from Carson’s. Check out our previous blog post on how to style puffy vests!

The black patent lace up shoes are from DSW.  This look wouldn’t be complete without some holiday socks!

The back of the cardigan is braided, which is such a fun detail and allows the plaid to peek through!

High low plaid top from Torrid.  Black cardi from Dress Barn.  Black faux leather leggings from Chico’s.

Red patten booties from Asos.




What’s trending for winter you ask? FAUX FUR! I’ve seen faux fur jackets, scarfs, vests and in a multitude of colors! I’m a big fan of this trend!

Recently, I went out to dinner with my Auntie. She surprised me with a gift that’s beyond priceless! She gave me what was once my great-grandma’s fur shrug/wrap. My aunt believes that it was once a coat and cut down. Initially, I thought where would I wear it and how would I style it. Then I decided I could wear it where ever and when ever I wanted especially since it’s so trendy right now. Plus I think it’s perfect for the holidays!

Do you have a special vintage piece of clothing that holds fond memories? Are you a fan of the faux fur trend?

Leopard print top and red pants from Chico’s.

I have the fondest memories of my Great-Grandma Benesky! (We are pictured below.)  She used to call me draga, which is Romanian for dear! She also called me scumpa (not sure if I’m spelling it right), which we think means sweatheart in Romanian! When I put on her shrug, I feel as though she is giving me a big hug!

How about a faux fur leopard jacket with an embellished top?!  Shopped my closet for this look.  I actually bought the jacket at an outlet center and the top at JCP last Christmas.  Paired with black pants, leopard pumps, red lips and you’re holiday ready!  Super simple to put together!

Is it wrong to match your home decor? LOL  Speaking of which, my Christmas decorations were looking old and tired.  Some are sentimental and I’ll always keep them.  However, it was time to go for the others.  I had sooooo much fun shopping at At Home!  They have such a great selection and such great prices!  All their Christmas decorations are now 50% off.  I love to decorate my house as much as I like to decorate myself – no surprise I’m sure! LOL

Our neighbors host a Christmas party every year!  It’s sooooo much fun!  We are blessed to have amazing neighbors so I look forward to this yearly event!  Wondering what to wear to a house party?  How about a sequin lace top, cute jeans, chandelier earrings and pumps?!

This Karen Kane top is from Macy’s.  It was a bit of a splurge (this coupon queen got the Cyber Monday sale and used a coupon!)  but it’s so lacey, blingy, and the cut is perfect – so swingy!  The jeans are embellished at the cuff and are from Chico’s.  My sparkley black pumps are Bandolino from Shoe Carnival.  I got them on sale for $14.00!  Did you see my Facebook Post on Monday?  I talked about my current obsession with tulle socks!  Can’t wait to get them to style them with this outfit!  Tulle socks from Etsy.

Velvet at Christmas is a no brainer!  I’m loving that you can get velvet is almost every color!  This embroidered velvet jacket and the velvet tank are from Chico’s.  The jacket is nice and warm!  The long length hides my flaws and creates a longer leaner appearance!  That’s a win in my book!  Here I’ve paired the jacket with the same jeans and pumps as my outfit above.  You could easily wear black dress pants or leggings.



Which look is your favorite?  What will you be wearing for the holiday?  Leave us a comment!


As the year comes to an end, I reflect on all my good fortunate!  I’m blessed to be with the love of my life for 30 plus years and that we are able to celebrate him as a cancer survivor!  I’m surrounded by wonderful family and friends and you our followers!  These are the most important things to me…gifts of the heart to be opened up daily and appreciated!  I have a job I truly love; and I get to blog and talk fashion (my passion) with my gal pals Cindy and Lori!  These are truly my gifts of the season and all year long!

FASHION TRENDS AND FRIENDS wish you and yours a

very Merry Christmas! 







Christmas Traditions Blog Loop

Christmas Traditions Blog Loop

Fashion Trends and Friends has collaborated with some of our Fierce 50 Sisters to share with you our various Holiday Traditions!  Enjoy!

Wintherhaven Festival of Lights

Living in Tucson during Christmas is always a bit difficult for me.  Being from Chicago, its sometimes hard to get into the Christmas spirit when it’s 70 – 80 degree’s outside.   For me, I need snow and cold.   Mind you, I only want it in the month of December.   Once Christmas is over, I’m very happy with our 70 degree weather!

One of our yearly traditions to get us into the holiday spirit is a visit to little neighborhood known as Winterhaven for its Festival of Lights.  It is a celebration of the season and honors all winter holidays regardless of religion and beliefs.

This season it will be the 68th time that Tucson has enjoyed Winterhaven’s neighborhood decorations. This community decorates for the holidays every year with elaborate light displays and decorations. All the streets close to traffic and this allows for people to enjoy an old time nostalgic Christmas experience.

Each year there are new displays and decorations along with some houses that feature the same display every year.   While I love seeing the new displays, one of my favorite houses has a Wishing Tree, where you can write a wish on a small sheet of paper and attach it to paper chains ornamenting an enormous tree.

Our tradition ends with coming back to the house for homemade chili and cornbread.

There are various ways of seeing the neighborhood.   People walk, take a trolley or hayride.   My favorite is the hayride.   You do have to make reservations for the trolley and hayride.   The waiting area offers kettle corn, hot chocolate, Christmas carolers and a fire to sit around.   It’s so quaint.

There are many myths about Winterhaven here in Tucson. Probably the most known Myth is that if you live in Winterhaven you are required to decorate with lights for the Holiday season. The fact is that it is completely voluntary. Most residents participate because they love the Festival and see it as their gift to the community.  If you ever happen to be in Tucson during Christmas, I highly recommend you see Winterhaven’s Festival of lights.  Spending time with family and getting into the spirit of the Holiday is what it is all about!

Now please enjoy our fellow Fierce 50 Sister’s Christmas Traditions Blogs!

Ask Suzanne Bell  

Hello I’m 50ish

Over the Hilda

Sharing a Journey

Do you have a Christmas tradition?  Please share!