How To Wear Red

How to wear winters “it” color – Red!

There are lots of winter trends, but the one I was most excited about is red! It was all over the  runways, and Pantone even declared the shade Aurora Red as one of the top ten colors of the season. Think you can’t wear red because of your skin tone? Don’t worry—the “experts” say the right shade of red can actually brighten your complexion.  That along is reason to try red!

Still on the fence?  Here are 5 examples of how to wear red that might inspire you.

  • Find the red that works best for you. Not everyone feels like they can pull off every shade of red. Try maroon, muted red, and bright red.

  • Maybe try pops of red. Wearing red accessories, a patterned scarf or vest are good ways to do this.

  • Try a red lip. You’ll have to find the shade that works best for you and your routine. Be willing to try a variety.

  • Wear a red or maroon bottom. It may be easier for you to wear red jeans or a red skirt.

  • If all else fails, red shoes might be a good option. Again, you aren’t limited to the traditional cherry red you might be thinking of. Maroon is always good too.

My Outfits

My style is pretty casual.  Everything I buy these days has to past the “can I pack it in a carry-on” test.  All of these pieces are easy to pack & don’t wrinkle.    My shades of red vary from a bright red to maroon.   I wear the boots pictured below often!  It’s just enough to add a pop of color to an outfit.   I find one of the easiest ways to wear red is to combine with 1 other color.

Are you wearing red this season?  Tell us about your best red looks.


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