Hello my name is Cindy and I’m a scarf-aIolic

Yes, I have a bit of a scarf problem.  Does anyone really need 30+ of them in their wardrobe?  Probably not but that doesn’t stop me from adding more to my collection.


A scarf is must-have for every season.    Even in the summer you can still wear a scarf around your neck.

I just bought this floral one from Cabi.    I thought this was a simple way to wear the stripes and floral trend that is out right now.



If you follow our blog you will remember I bought this great tassel scarf last week.


Scarves are a quick and comfortable solution to a boring outfit.  If you ever want dress up your plain white tee and jeans, throw on a colorful patterned scarf that will punctuate the white fabric of your shirt.  Plus, they are great to have if you know you’re going to be in a chilly setting, whether its outside, in a drafty building or on a plane.   I travel often for my job and a scarf is a staple as the planes are always too cold and it never fails that the person in the row in front of me has their vent on high and its blasting right on me.

While I love them, I sometimes have hard time figuring out different ways to wear/tie them.    I found a great video by Wendy’s Lookbook, that gives a solid step by step guide to 25 different ways to tie/wear a scarf.

So you know what I have all too many of.   How about you?




  1. Kathy Freedman says:

    I’m a scarfaholic too (even into the summer – glad I’m not alone!) and I loved this post and the video.

    Great blog ladies – I’m really enjoying it!

    • Julie says:

      Thanks Kathy! FTF is happy to hear your a fellow “scarfaholic”! Glad to hear you’re enjoying our blog!

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