FTF’s First Product Review in 2018!

Rhoto Eye Drops

I discovered this product through my son, Matt.  Matt is a blue eyed white boy whose eyes are often red.  My eyes are red from time to time mostly due to allergies.  In any case I think Rhoto Eye Drops are amazing.  Truly one of the best products I’ve ever tried!



Have you used Rhoto eye drops?  Do you share my enthusiasm?  Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment!

The opinions in this post are my own.  I was not asked to review this product or compensated in any way.  


  1. jodie filogomo says:

    I deal with redness a lot because it’s so dry out here, Lori!! But being the biology person that I am, I want to do some research first. My only worry is that it’s constricting the blood vessels in your eyes, and what does that mean.
    But man, I need this ASAP!

    • cindy says:

      Hi Jodie:

      You were right to be cautious! A friend of mine, DeAnne Willis Shvartsman, is a Doctor of Optometry(OD)at Shvartsman Eyecare. Please read her comment below from my Facebook on Rhoto’s eye drops.

      “I hate to tell you ladies, but the active ingredient in this product is actually addictive. If you use it on a regular basis, your eyes will become routinely red, seeking the drop. Only use on a very rare occasion ( Friday night and you are going out type thing) and stick with only lubrication drops (without naphazoline) for everyday dryness. Please see your eye doc if dry/ red is really bothering you on a regular basis. I usually recommend something like Systane Ultra 2 times per day. I tell my patients to use routinely right before bed and when you get up. Don’t wait until you already feel dry. You want to keep the eyes soothed and prevent the symptoms. (Just like putting on lotion when you get out if the shower) Also, very important, in these winter months, make sure you have a humidifier running in your home and office. Fish oil is also a great supplement for prevention. I hope that helps!”

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