FTF’s Contest Update

About Janet 

Janet is a busy woman!  She is a wife, a mother of three wonderful children and an educator.  Like so many of us she is constantly on the go doing her best to balance all of life’s demands.   So it isn’t surprising that finding time to shop, determining what the latest trends are or knowing the best places to shop isn’t at the top of of her priority list.   Fashion Trends and Friends asked Janet why she entered the contest. Her response is below.

“I would love Fashion Trends and Friends to help me shop because purchasing clothes has become extremely difficult over the last few years.  I find that I’m in between age groups and clothing is either too young or too old and there isn’t much that is stylish for someone my age.”

Fashion Trends and Friends is Here to Help!

We’ve got a shopping date scheduled.  Julie and Lori will help Janet find three fantastic outfits!  So check back in a few weeks as we’ll share our experience complete with pictures of Janet’s new looks!



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