Eyelash Extensions

To Extend or Not to Extend That Was the Question…

After doing some research and talking with others, Lori, myself and Brittany, Lori’s niece/millennial fashion advisor to FTF, decided to EXTEND!

Upon arriving to our appointment, we completed a questionnaire.  Once in our individual rooms, we chose the lash style we desired.


We each choose GORGEOUS!  However, it looks different on each of us.  (see below)

The process takes approximately an hour or more when first getting your full set.  Each individual lash get’s a synthetic lash attached.  Here is a brief video to see the process:

My Thoughts on Getting My Eyelash Extensions:

Not sure why I was nervous but I was for whatever reason.  I quickly realized that there was nothing to be nervous about. Courtney, my licensed esthetician, put me at ease and answered all of my questions.  I was concerned about falling asleep and snoring. Courtney informed me that it happens often.  Soft music plays in the room.  You can feel the work being done.  At times it tickled and at times it itched.  Your bottom lashes are taped down to keep them out of the way.  I had such a positive experience and love my lashes so much that I will definitely continue!  I think my results are AMAZING…see for yourself!  Don’t you agree?



LORI on Her Eyelash Extension Experience:

“I loved the experience.  The staff were very informative and very courteous.  The process, which took about an hour, was very relaxing. A pillow was provided for support under my knees and a blanket.  It was so relaxing that I fell asleep at one point. When I apply mascara to my extensions I am 100% in love with them!” When I go back I am going to ask if there is a way to get “thicker looking lashes”.  I am hoping for a look that will eliminate the need for mascara.  But make no mistake I am in love with these lashes!”



BRITTANY on Her Eyelash Extension Experience :

“The lashes turned out amazing! They look very “gorgeous” and make me feel beautiful.  A smoky eye with them even makes them look more defined.  So glad I had this experience!”



  • For an upgrade charge, you can get mink lashes instead of synthetic.
  • Lashes are available in the following colors:  black, red, green, blue and purple.  You can also get ombre lashes – black with the colored tips.
  • You should go back within two weeks to check if a fill is necessary.
  • After the two week check, it’s best to go monthly.
  • The age range of those getting lash extensions spans 14 years old – 70 years young with the average between 30’s and 40’s.
  • They recommend that you do not get the lashes wet or wear eye makeup for the first 48 hours after getting them.
  • If possible, you need to be careful on how you sleep and of course avoid rubbing your eyes immediately following.
  • You can go swimming both in a pool and in the ocean.  Ocean water might cause them to not last as long.

So what do you think?  To extend or not to extend that is the question!



    • cindy says:

      Hi Melissa, It’s been two weeks and mine are holding up well! I’ve lost a few, but that’s normal. I’m going to get a fill on Monday. Then I’ll probably wait a month to return. It seems that this is standard practice. If you get your lashes extended, share a picture with FTF!

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