Christmas Traditions Blog Loop

Christmas Traditions Blog Loop

Fashion Trends and Friends has collaborated with some of our Fierce 50 Sisters to share with you our various Holiday Traditions!  Enjoy!

Wintherhaven Festival of Lights

Living in Tucson during Christmas is always a bit difficult for me.  Being from Chicago, its sometimes hard to get into the Christmas spirit when it’s 70 – 80 degree’s outside.   For me, I need snow and cold.   Mind you, I only want it in the month of December.   Once Christmas is over, I’m very happy with our 70 degree weather!

One of our yearly traditions to get us into the holiday spirit is a visit to little neighborhood known as Winterhaven for its Festival of Lights.  It is a celebration of the season and honors all winter holidays regardless of religion and beliefs.

This season it will be the 68th time that Tucson has enjoyed Winterhaven’s neighborhood decorations. This community decorates for the holidays every year with elaborate light displays and decorations. All the streets close to traffic and this allows for people to enjoy an old time nostalgic Christmas experience.

Each year there are new displays and decorations along with some houses that feature the same display every year.   While I love seeing the new displays, one of my favorite houses has a Wishing Tree, where you can write a wish on a small sheet of paper and attach it to paper chains ornamenting an enormous tree.

Our tradition ends with coming back to the house for homemade chili and cornbread.

There are various ways of seeing the neighborhood.   People walk, take a trolley or hayride.   My favorite is the hayride.   You do have to make reservations for the trolley and hayride.   The waiting area offers kettle corn, hot chocolate, Christmas carolers and a fire to sit around.   It’s so quaint.

There are many myths about Winterhaven here in Tucson. Probably the most known Myth is that if you live in Winterhaven you are required to decorate with lights for the Holiday season. The fact is that it is completely voluntary. Most residents participate because they love the Festival and see it as their gift to the community.  If you ever happen to be in Tucson during Christmas, I highly recommend you see Winterhaven’s Festival of lights.  Spending time with family and getting into the spirit of the Holiday is what it is all about!

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Do you have a Christmas tradition?  Please share!


  1. Robin LaMonte says:


    I am so glad you posted a warmer climate city full of Christmas lights! I am always curious to see cities that never get cold in December with holiday decorations.
    I enjoy seeing all the homes lit up for Christmas!
    We enjoy seeing Christmas decorations in Atlanta but this Winterhaven area has us beat!

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Suzanne says:

    Now I need to add a visit to Tuscon to my bucket list! I love when neighborhoods come together to celebrate the season! I know how you feel about the weather not always giving off the Winter Wonderland vibe, same is here for us in California. Yet this quaint town has brought it all together for all of us to enjoy!

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