7 Charming Sisters ~ Part 1 Featuring Julie

3 Fashion Trends and Friends +  7 Charming Sisters = Accessory Fun

FTF partnered with 7 Charming Sisters to bring you this post!  This is part one of a three part series.  Here is what you need to know about 7 Charming Sisters:


7 Charming Sisters is the brainchild of seven “work sisters” who’ve been colleagues for 10 to 15 years. The sisters are: Paula, the elegant Classy Chick, Kim, the vivacious Life of the Party, Jennifer, the dedicated Fashionista, Donalda, the flirtatious Social Butterfly, Jessica, the smart and Sexy Nerd,  Kimberly, the cute Girl Next Door and Melissa, the sporty Super Mom.   7Charming Sisters has a deep commitment to helping those with disabilities find jobs and employs disabled people in their studio. Many of their handmade pieces are handcrafted by those with intellectual disabilities who earn commission.

Which sister are you?  Take the quiz!

Julie: the quiz identified me as PAULA The Executive

“The Executive knows what she wants! If you know what you want and don’t want to compromise timeless looks for come and go trends, check out the ‘elegance with an edge’ look that is the Paula line.”
Thoughts:  The quiz was quick and easy!  I thought I would score and be identified as the “Fashionista”.  However, I do like the Paula line.  The nice thing is that you can of course order from any of the lines but it’s easy to head right to the one you most identified with and begin shopping.  The prices are great!  The choices are current and trendy!  The items ship free and if necessary, returns are free.  I was elated with my pick:  Classic Cashmere Necklace.  I’m sure you can guess why!

Here are some of my favorite pieces from the Paula Collection:

 “Who’s the Boss Jewelry Set”“Black Diamonds Are Forever Necklace”

“Run This Town Bracelet”


Come back next week to see which “sister”

Lori matched for Part 2 in our 3 part blog series!





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