Wearing Hats At Any Age

The Most Flattering Hat for Your Face Shape

I going to Cuba in April.  I was reading up on the weather and fashion trends as I prepare for my trip.   It appears that they have 80%+ humidity which is going to cause 10 bad hair days! I started thinking about my options…. I could get a Brazilian blow out.  I’ve had them in the past and love them.  (maybe another blog post specifically about that!)   Second option was to bring a few hats to wear.   Hats are a great to hide those bad hair day but also a nice fashion accessory.

Since I’m a huge fan of wearing hats, I decided that I would opt for bringing a couple of hats with me on my trip.    As I started looking through my summer hats, I realized how many winter hats I own but just don’t get the chance to wear anymore due to living in Tucson.

Since many parts of the country are in the thick of winter right now, I thought I would share some of my favorite winter hats with you.   (At least I got to wear them once this season!  LOL)

I know some of you thinking…. that’s great Cindy, but I can’t pull off wearing hats.   My answer is maybe or maybe not.    Maybe it’s just you have picked the wrong hat to suit your face shape?   So, below are tips on how to choose the perfect hat for your face shape.

Do you wear hats?  If so , what type(s) do you wear?   Send us a pic of you in your favorite hat!


















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