To Spend or Not to Spend That is the Question…

I tend to have a general rule of thumb. If I become obsessed or love a trendy item, I tend to try not to spend a lot on the item – plus I look for sales and try to find coupons. This is mainly because I know that I’ll only wear that item for a season due to the fact that I know I’ll want the following season’s trends. Therefore, for me, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to spend a lot of money. Don’t get me wrong! I still like something that is well made and looks great! On the other hand, I am willing to spend more money on classic items that I know I’ll keep in my closet for a longer period of time and wear season after season.

The summer trend that I recently became obsessed with was a flamingo scarf, which I thought was adorable! Ironically, I was attending a retirement party and was stopped in the parking lot. I was asked if I was the one with the flamingo scarf the week before. I was sad to report that it wasn’t me, but I’d love a flamingo scarf! I was told that the “girl with the scarf” said you could no longer find them. You can imagine my excitement when I opened a recent email from Charming Charlie’s to see a flamingo scarf. I went shopping as soon as I got off of work!

Here are some of my inspirations:

flamingo-summer (1)

Here are the items I purchased…All four tops are high/low tops. I particularly like this style as it tends to flow away from my body, minimizes my large chest area as well as hides my large derriere. The top on the far right is a cold shoulder top-a current trend. The aqua/blue top is also on trend both in color and style.  I couldn’t resist the star top since I’m born on the 4th of July!


Lastly, I purchased a flamingo pin and flamingo bracelet!  Now it’s time to find some hot pink sandals…my quest is never done, but I LOVE IT!


Flamingo Scarf ($15.00)

Flamingo Pin   ($24.00)

Flamingo Bracelet ($10.00)

Sheer Sleeved Top (on sale for $12.99 – originally $29,00)

I See Stars Top  ($19.00)

to buy or not to buy selfies (1)

The gray and white high low top is also from Charming Charlie’s.  My sunglasses are from a recent shopping adventure with Lori and were purchased at Aldo’s.

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