Meet Terri Ring and The Little Red Ribbon!

Making Her Dream Come True

FTF is as much about friends as it is about fashion.  So from time to time we are going to introduce you to some of our most fashionable, creative and talented friends.  Women we love dearly.  Today we’d like you to meet Terri Ring.


Terri is the sister of one of my dearest childhood friends, Ann Basinski.  I spent much of my youth in the Basinski household and considered it a second home.

I wanted to introduce you to Terri because of her inspiring story!  About a year ago she courageously took the plunge, quit her job and made her life long dream of opening a boutique a reality.

The Little Red Ribbon is Born

To say she has been dreaming about this for years would be a massive understatement.  In fact many of the display items in her store were purchased years and years ago.  Terri stored them in her basement thinking one day I can use this for my store.  When Annie first told me that Terri was going to open a boutique, I was surprised but only because I had no idea it was Terri’s dream. However, my next thought was this makes perfect sense!  Terri is one of the most creative people I know and has always possessed great taste and style.  She is one of those people that can create beautiful yet comfortable spaces, put together the perfect party and make everyone feel at home!

Location, Location, Location!

The Little Red Ribbon is part of Roselle Main Street Merchants, a great collection of shops and restaurants.  I couldn’t wait to see Terri’s boutique so I called Julie, my FTF partner in crime, and we set a date.

The Welcoming Committee

When we walked in we were greeted by two of the cutest Jack Russell Terriers you ever saw! Terri affectionately refers to them as “the boys”.  The store like Terri’s home is beautifully decorated and welcoming.  So many interesting displays and merchandise.  The Little Red Ribbon carries women’s clothes, purses, tote bags, scarfs, jewelry, baby clothes, household goods and a very cute collection of items for the man in your life.  It is the perfect place to find a special and unique gift for any one on your list.

Let the Shopping Begin

We started at the front and worked our way meticulously through and around the entire store.  I loved the collection of sweaters, capes and tops!  Here is a sampling of what Julie and  I tried on!

I loved this coat sweater and had to have it!  It is great in the winter as part of a complete outfit and will serve as a coat in the spring and fall.

This black sweater has a split sleeve on the upper arm a flowy waist and pairs beautifully with a scarf or necklace.  I purchased both the sweater and the necklace!

Julie fell in love with this sweater.  It looked great with what she wore that day.  It also comes in black!


Check out the video showing this beautiful cape!  It is reversible and can be worn differently to create two different lengths.

I loved it so much I had to buy it and featured it in one of FTF’s Instagram posts!  I love that it is reversible!


The Little Red Ribbon also has a great collection of cards for any occasion.  This particular one cracked us up!

I also had to have this sign.  I have a black and white kitchen and it is the place everyone gathers at my house during parties which always makes me happy!

Here are some examples of the other merchandise in the store!


What’s in a Name

Terri named her store The Little Red Ribbon with the vision that one day it will be so well known that she will no longer need to put a name on the bag because when you see a white bag with a red ribbon attached you will know instantly that it came from The Little Red Ribbon.  Just like Tiffany’s blue box!  Julie and I highly recommend you stop by the Little Red Ribbon if you are in the area.  The merchandise is varied and unique.  It is one of those stores you love to shop over and over again.  Also the prices are so reasonable.  I purchased the black sweater, coat sweater, cape, white pullover(not shown), two necklaces and the sign all for $332.  Awesome, right?


Contact and Follow The Little Red Ribbon:

The Little Red Ribbon

113 Main Street, Roselle, IL  60172

(847) 338-1493



Inspiring Others

Dreams are fragile precious things that deserve protection.  I think we sometimes hold them tightly to our chest and within our hearts not willing to share them for fear that naysayers, negative thoughts and opinions will put doubt in our minds and cause us not to pursue them.  So thank you Terri Ring for providing inspiration to us all!  Your personal journey shows us all that dreams really do come true!

Don’t Let Anyone Fool You Shopping is Hard Work

After a hard day of shopping Julie and I like to relax with a cold beer and some nibbles.  Terri recommended a restaurant a few doors down from The Little Red Ribbon called 8000 Miles.  It had a very welcoming staff, nice ambiance and great appetizers!   A wonderful place to take a load off after an afternoon of shopping!



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