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A Fellow Friend in the Forever Fierce 50 Revolution!

FTF is as much about friends as it is about fashion.  So from time to time we are going to introduce you to some of our most fashionable, creative and talented friends.  Women we love dearly.  The kind of friend who if they called you in the middle of the night and said they needed help, you would pop out of bed, grab your keys and run out the door to get there as fast as possible.

Lynn O’Dowd is one of those friends.  My sister, Karen, calls them forever friends.  Those you’ve shared the majority of your life with and who literally stood by your side during life’s ups and downs.  Lynn and I met in the fifth grade at Hillcrest Elementary School.  We shared spin the bottle, first kisses and were catholic girls that went to Bar Mitzvah’s together.  In high school, she was a cheerleader and I was a pom pom girl.  When we decided to go to the same college, being roommates was a no-brainer!  Post college we were all about the disco scene and went through I don’t know how many Mr. Wrongs and Mr. Rights for right now!  We consoled each other about the Mr. Wrongs and laughed together about the Mr. Rights for right now.   When we each found the real Mr. Right, we stood by each other’s side again as bridesmaids.  She and her husband attend all my sons’ big events; first communions, confirmations and graduations.  She was by my side again holding me up as we said goodbye to my father who passed 3 years ago.  She is truly a forever friend so let me introduce you to her and fill you in on all the amazing things she is doing!


Meet Lynn O’Dowd

Lynn worked in hospitality and corporate America right out of college and was very successful but after 15 years needed a change.  After a lot of soul searching and great consideration, she changed careers and became a certified professional organizer and an executive productivity coach.  In 1999 Lynn launched her own business, All About Time!  She trained with Tony Robbins and even appeared with him on the Oprah Winfrey show!  She is wildly successful!

Even though she built a fantastic business, enjoyed her work and was gratified by the impact she was making in the lives of her clients something was missing.  She was satisfied but wanted to bring more joy and happiness into her life.  After a lot of soul searching and personal reflection, she remembered how much she enjoyed singing in the high school choir.  So she joined her church choir.  She loved it but it wasn’t enough.  Then she remembered how much she enjoyed playing guitar as a young woman so she dug it out of the attic and began playing again.  She enjoyed it but it wasn’t enough.  One day while reading the paper she came across an ad seeking a singer for a rock n roll band. Even though it scared her to death she gathered all her courage, auditioned and got the gig!.  Lynn was a singer in a rock n roll band.  Now her soul was singing!


She performed with the band for about a year and was having an amazing time.  Everyone wanted to hear HOW she did it, and wished they could live their dreams, too.  She realized there are so many people who feel they could play a bigger game (get on a bigger stage), contribute more, and make a bigger difference in their business and life. They have these big dreams in their career or life, yet they often never get to fulfill any of them due to fear, lack of self-worth, or perhaps the negative voice playing in their head.

So, she decided to do something about it…


Meet Lynn O’Dowd – Keynote Performer

Lynn wrote and performs what is basically a one woman show.   A unique, soul-energizing, transformational keynote.

She ultimately helps people tap into the missing ingredients that prevent them from experiencing a spectacular outcome in life or in business. 
She helps them Unleash Their Inner Superstar, so they can literally become who they want to be or fulfill who they were born to be.

In a nutshell, – she moves them from I CAN’T to I CAN in 30 to 60 minutes.

She accomplishes this by using her own story and song lyrics to teach about transformation and she physically transforms before the audience’s very eyes with an eye-popping costume change that allows her to Unleash her Inner Superstar (in her case, Lady Gaga) to drive home the message that we all have hidden gifts and talents within us, we just need to let them out!


The common result & benefits of her keynotes are standing ovations, tears, many photos with her as “Lady Gaga”, and audience testimonials on how they transformed, followed through on their dreams, and achieved new levels of passion, performance, and courage in business and life.


Lynn’s Inspiration Comes to Chicago! Lady Gaga at Wrigley Field

Much of Lynn’s inspiration  for her keynote performance comes from Lady Gaga. When she learned Gaga was coming to Chicago, she knew she had to go.  My husband, Mark, is also a big fan so we made it a double date.  To say it was fantastic is an understatement!  The weather was perfect, the venue historic but what really stood out to me was the positive energy flowing throughout the crowd.  Lady Gaga’s fans are diverse, accepting, kind and loving. Everyone was so happy and excited to see her perform.


The people watching was amazing!  Here are a few of my favorites.  They were happy to strike a pose!

The Best Part of the Night – Lynn Get’s Picked to Be in the Mosh Pit!

Do you believe in karma?  I do.  Lynn and her husband  had just arrived when a Wrigley Field staff member took one look at Lynn’s costume and asked if they’d like to watch the concert from the lawn directly in front of the stage!  Of course they said yes!  Lynn got to see her inspiration up close and personal.  Nobody deserved it more!  Check out my girl in the mosh pit!


Find Out More about Lynn and her Keynote Performance

If you’re looking for a great keynote speaker check out Lynn O’Dowd!  To learn more about Lynn visit her website and social media pages.

Lynn O’Dowd Keynote Performer








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