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Rodan and Fields – a Two Month Trial

Several blog posts ago, Lori did a video review of Olay Regenerist Anti Aging Cream.  In the video, I was her sidekick.  As a result of that video, Joanna Pritchard reached out to see if Lori and I would be interested in trying Rodan and Fields.  Since I’m constantly on a quest to find the “fountain of youth” in a bottle or an “instant facelift” in a bottle, I was totally game to give it a try.  Joanna sent us all of Rodan and Field’s Redefine Amp It Up Special.

Morning Routine:

The morning routine consists of 1. Daily Cleansing Mask, which feels much like an exfoliating scrub.  Directions say that it is best to leave it on for approximately two minutes.  2.  Pour Minimizing Toner and 3.  Triple Defense Treatment – AM.  The morning routine for me was quick and easy.  These three steps were actually less than what I was doing previously.

Evening Routine:

The evening routine consists of 1. Daily Cleansing Mask, which is the same as the morning. 2.  Pour Minimizing Toner 3.  AMP MD Roller, which uses micro-exfoliation along with powerful Retinol and peptide technology.  Think of a sharp, prickly sensation.  During the first two weeks, I used the roller three times a week.  After two weeks, I used it daily.  4.  Night Renewing Serum 5. Active Hydration Serum and  6.   Redefine Overnight Restoration Cream.  The night routine was far more extensive than the morning.

Initially, I was overwhelmed by all of the products. (We were also sent travel sizes, which I greatly appreciated.)  Joanna was patient in explaining the process to me; and I felt the need to organize myself to keep the steps simple and quick.  It should be noted that the products are clearly labeled with both numbers and am vs. pm.


My Results:

I am putting myself out there and being totally transparent as I rarely go out or photograph myself with out any makeup, but in order to see results it is obviously necessary.

My thoughts prior to starting:

One Month:

My thoughts one month in:

Two Months:



As promised, I used the Rodan and Fields Redefine Amp It Up exclusively for the two months.  I feel as though all of my areas of concern are improved and the overall look and quality of my skin is much better.  Several thoughts regarding my two month trial:  prior to using Rodan and Fields, I had a great morning routine.  Rodan and Fields morning routine is actually shorter than my previous routine, which is a plus.  My evening routine was somewhat inconsistent.  Using Rodan and Fields caused me to develop a better routine and habits. I wish I had done more to protect my skin and establish a good skin care routine at a much younger age.  Advise to millennials – start now if you haven’t already!

Lori is one month in to her two month trial.  Come back in another month to hear Lori’s thoughts and see her results!

Do you have a skin care routine you swear by or have you found a “face lift” in a bottle?  Please share!

This post is not endorsed by Rodan and Fields.  This post is my own and represents 100% of my honest opinions.

A Special Thank You:

If you’re interested in any of the Rodan and Fields products, please reach out to Joanna Pritchard at:







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