An Uplifting Experience

An Uplifting Experience:  Fashion Trends and Friends Goes for a Bra Fitting

Theory:  If a woman is in a proper fitting bra, an outfit will go from good to great and you can potentially look up to 10 pounds thinner!  Who doesn’t want that? And we’re pretty sure we’re not wearing the right size!  To test this theory, we needed to find someone who was experienced and knowledgable about how to fit FTF for the proper size bra.  When asking around, we kept getting the same name.  We heard over and over that we need to go see Tina at Tina’s Closet.   I called to make our fitting appointment and was shocked and delighted to actually speak to Tina.  I told her that we were fashion bloggers and asked permission to take pictures and videos.  Two days later, I received a phone call from a film producer asking if FTF would be interested in being part of a documentary series about Tina.  Lori and I jumped on the opportunity.  It will be totally easy to portray ourselves – fashion bloggers – right?!

Documentary Series:

A question FTF wanted answered first was what was the purpose of this documentary series.  The producer’s intent was to showcase Tina from Tina’s Closet.  It was going to be a docuseries/TV show that tells the story of one woman’s challenges and hurdles in the business world. Basically a show that empowers  women.  FTF was sold!


Lori and I met at a cafe to begin the filming process.  We were surprised to be met by several producers, a makeup artist, a film crew, etc.  The cafe was crowded, which elevated the excitement!  Lori and I chatted about why we choose to blog about this topic and discussed our excited anticipation to meet Tina!  Take one was complete – after many takes, lots of laughs, people taking our pictures.  Scene Two:  Tina’s Closet.  Excitement was building as we waited for the film crew to capture us meeting each other for the first time. (Notice one of the producers photobombing us!)


Tina’s Closet:  Meeting Tina


Bra Woes:

Tina’s Closet® wasn’t established to just sell bras. Tina, The Bra Surgeon™ has come up with solutions to all  Bra Woes™ to help women who realize they need some expert assistance. Women don’t have to suffer in silence anymore. “Doctor” Tina will help you find your very own perfect fit…and that’s exactly what she did for us!

Lori and I had several of these woes!  My bra was constantly riding up my back.  Sure enough we were wearing the wrong sizes.  Tina takes numerous measurements in addition to eyeing you up the minute she meets you.  For total transparency, I walked in wearing a 38D and ended up wearing a 36 DDD.  Tina also educated us on how to put a bra on correctly.  Who knew after all these years that there are right and wrong ways of putting on a bra.  Immediately, I felt uplifted and smoothed out!  The girls were back up north and securely in place!  I felt so confident that I even jumped up and down to demonstrate how they stayed in place!  AMAZING!  Why hadn’t we done this earlier?!  Tina is so talented that her repeat customers come from all over the world!


Lori’s Thoughts:

Julie and I always have fun together which is one of the reasons we’ve been friends for so long but this day of  filming and working with Tina to find the right bra was a total blast!  Like Julie I too was wearing the wrong size bra which caused the girls to go east and west and created unsightly back fat – ick!    Tina easily solved both issues and I walked away with a much better look not to mention very pretty bras and underwear! Such a fun experience!

Julie’s Thoughts:

Regardless of the outcome of the documentary series, Lori and I had so much fun on this day!  It’s almost hard to put it all into words!  The filming crew and all the employees at Tina’s Closet hit it off so well.  Tina is an amazing woman who is so genuine and is truly passionate about what she does!  I was touched by the number of woman she has helped over the years and her extreme generosity.  We were all blessed to click since none of us had met prior.  This eight hour day flew by and left me with many cherished memories…and of course the right bra size!


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