Review: BOOM! By Cindy Joseph Makeup

Cindy Joseph Puts the Boom! in Boomer Makeup

Four weeks ago, I was packing for a business trip to New York.  I was trying to get 3 days of winter clothes, shoes and toiletries into a carry-on.   As I was packing I noticed my cosmetics & skin care bag was completely overstuffed.  The craziest part is, when it comes to makeup and my skin care I’ve always had a mantra that it’s gotta be easy, simple and not a lot of products. I sat there and thought, “what is going on?  Why am I traveling with so many products?  You have got to streamline this” but I couldn’t.   LOL

The next morning, while waiting to board the plane I was skimming through my FB feed and stopped on a sponsored video post by Cindy Joseph, the founder of Boom.  I see many video posts in my feed, normally I just move on, but I stopped to watch.

Cindy Joseph talks in the video about her career as makeup artist and was a proponent of the natural look.  She developed a simple line of cosmetics designed not to mask, hide or correct but simply to enhance a woman’s natural beauty.  Her BOOM! products mark her attempt to package that glow you get from a light workout.


BOOM!  is a set of three multi-use products that should be able to replace a drawer full of cosmetics. I love that!  In Joseph’s eyes, these are all any woman needs to head out the door looking naturally beautiful. There’s BOOMSTICK COLOR for rosiness, BOOMSTICK GLIMMER to highlight with a pearly sheen, and BOOMSTICK GLO to add moisture and a dewiness wherever it’s needed.

After watching the video, I was very intrigued and ordered the product before I got on the plane.

The Review

This handy little trio of sticks are WONDERFUL!  I can put on makeup in less than 5 minutes.  It looks natural, fresh and all three sticks fit in my hand! Good Bye overstuffed makeup bag!   I’ve been using the products for about 4 weeks now and love them!  I feel like I have a “fresh-face” look and its light and translucent.


gives your skin a slight dewiness while moisturizing.  I love the texture of it.  It’s all natural made by a bee keeper in Hawaii. The ingredients are bees wax, olive oil, and honey, it is really moisturizing.  I even put it on my cuticles and feet!

The Color Stick

can be applied to cheeks, eyes, lips, forehead… anywhere you need a little color.   I was really anxious to try this one because I’ve recently started noticing that when I put on a power blush it was dulling my skin.   She says that the color is specially formulated to customize to EVERY skin tone.  While listed as blush, it is meant to be treated more like a bronzer. This is my favorite of the 3.  The color is sheer and for me, it does look like I just got back from a light workout.  So, I carry it with me and can touch up at any time.

When I’m in a real hurry, I swipe it on upper cheek bones (yes, it goes on darker than I would want anyone to see me…but it fades to a natural look in just a few minutes) I put excess from fingers across upper forehead (thought this was silly when I first saw her directions), but it works! It makes a nice glow up there.

I also add to my lips.  Love a red lip, but most colors are too dark for me at this age and this is perfect.  I must admit it doesn’t last that long, but neither do most regular lipsticks I’ve used.  Finally, I will swipe on my eyelids.  This is not a full-fledged makeup routine.  It’s the “Ugh… I need to run out to the store and I don’t want to take the time to do my makeup” – this makes me look pretty good.   When I’m working from home I keep it on my desk and do a quick touch up right before a WebEx or google hangout call.   It’s the best.


is a very pretty dark champagne shimmer. I use it on my eyelids, on my brow bones, cheek bones.  Basically, you can wear it anywhere you want to catch just a little light without looking glittery.

Video About The Products

You can check out her video tutorial in which Joseph shows you how easy it is to apply and gives some helpful tips for when you (inevitably) buy them.  LOL

I tried to take a picture for you, but the while the look is great in person, it doesn’t show up that well in pictures. It’s subtle but a definite improvement in a couple of minutes!  All I have on is Boom products and mascara.

The best part? This let me ditch the jam-packed makeup bag to travel with essentials only (and it doesn’t even need to go in your 3-1-1 bag since it is solid)

Moisturized skin that adds a natural glow with just three products? Doesn’t get more essential than that!  Now if I could just figure out how to get my hair products down to 3!

NOTE:  Right now there is a 10% off your order coupon code.   Use BOOM10 during check out.

All opinions are completely my own.  I was not asked by anyone to do a BOOM review, and did not receive any compensation for it.

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