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Rodan + Fields – A Two Month Trial – Part 2

Several months ago I did a vlog review of Olay Regenerist Anti Aging Cream.  As a result of that video, Joanna Pritchard, a Rodan + Fields Representative, reached out to my partner Julie and asked if we would be interested in trying Rodan + Fields skin care products.  As Julie  says, “we are always looking for a face lift in a bottle,” so we were more than game to try the product for 60 days and vlog about our results.  Julie gave her review last month which can be found here.   Watch the video below for my feedback!


Do you have a skin care routine you swear by or have you found a “face lift” in a bottle?  Please share!

This post is not endorsed by Rodan and Fields.  This post is my own and represents 100% of my honest opinions.

A Special Thank You:

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  1. Joanna Pritchard says:

    So thrilled with your results! Your skin is glowing!! You’re absolutely right that results continue to develop- my skin looks visibly firmer with fewer wrinkles after a year of consistent use and my sun damage has been reversed. I would like to suggest that you use the active hydration serum in the morning after the toner so you get the benefit of hydration throughout the day plus reducing the steps at night! Thank you so much for your honest review!

  2. Patricia swanson says:

    So, I’ve used Rhoda’s and fields for 4 years now. As you said, I love the way my skin feels, but I don’t believe it has helped stop or even slow down the wrinkles.

    • cindy says:

      Hi Patti!

      Well I am a little disappointed to hear that as my partners and I are always looking for a face lift in a bottle! I am not sure it exists but like you I do enjoy this product and how it makes my skin feel. My husband says I’ve been glowing but he’s just a little biased!


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