“Pearls are Always Appropriate” Jackie Kennedy Onassis



My Introduction to Pearls

My FTF partners and I came of age in the early 80’s.  Preppy fashion was in and with that came pearls.  My mother gave me my first pearl necklace; a single strand princess length beauty.    I wore it almost everyday.  I paired it with buttoned down collared shirts, polo shirts with the collar popped, on top of crew neck sweaters and with my Calvin Klein jeans.  A love affair was born!


Pearls never go out of style because they are so versatile.  Their varied lengths, strands and colors allow for so many different looks.   Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Audrey Hepburn and Princess Di are wearing different styles and yet all illustrate a classic look that is sophisticated, elegant and youthful at the same time!   Madonna on the other hand with her opera length strand of pearls mixed with other necklaces showcases an edgier 1980’s thrift-shop look.  Lauren Conrad and SJP look contemporary and modern by combining classic lengths and strands with fresh colors.  Then there are my girls and I.  Julie and I favoring classic multi-strand “statement” necklaces and Lynn who has so artfully layered and mixed multiple necklaces, styles and lengths.  The possibilities are endless!


If you are looking to add pearls to your collection check out FTF’s selection below!


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