Traveling to Cuba


Cuba surprised me in so many ways. While it was exactly what I anticipated on some levels, it was completely different on others.   We traveled to Havana, Cienfuegos and Trinidad.


Cuba is a socialist country.   The people love their country, are incredibly happy people, but do admit they still have some challenges to overcome (primarily wages).  I did notice some things worth mentioning:

  • Although basic needs like food, education, healthcare, and housing are arranged by the state, many Cubans only earn minimum wage (doctors only make $25 a month!) and can hardly afford nonessential items such as toothpaste, hair styling products, deodorant, feminine hygiene products… things that we take for granted in in the US but that cost a fortune for Cubans. What I didn’t know that I wish I knew beforehand was to bring extra tooth brushes, toilet paper, shampoo, soap etc. you have laying around your house to leave with the locals. They will be more than happy to have them.
  • Many stray dogs and cats. I shouldn’t have been surprised as I have seen this same situation in other countries I’ve traveled to, but it really stood out for me here.   The running joke was that I was the “dog whisper”.   The stray dogs found me and would follow me around.   If you are a dog or cat lover, bring dog/cat treats to feed all the strays.
  • Pack everything you need. Don’t assume you can buy things there because it’s not guaranteed.
  • Don’t even think about getting online. The Internet is painfully slow (if you can even find a place to get online)
  • Americans and Cuban definitions of “luxury” are worlds apart. What they call 5*, we could consider 3*
  • The country is so clean!   I was surprised how clean it was.  In Cienfuegos, you could literally eat off the street.
  • Bins are where used toilet paper goes. You can’t flush it because of inadequate plumbing systems that clog easily due to low water pressure.   Here is a shot of restaurant bathroom.  Note you buy 3 sheets of toilet paper.    Which also is a good point…. bring your own travel toilet paper.   I bought Pockette on Amazon that I brought with and they did come in handy!


It was unseasonably hot while we were there.   95 degrees with 90% humidity!  I was wet for 5 straight days.  LOL  The last few days it did get back to normal temps…80’s during the day.  70’s with nice breeze at night.

I didn’t pack for the unseasonal weather.   Thank god at the last minute I threw in 2 Fresh Produce dresses because they were easy to pack. I wore the same 2 dresses for 4 days as they were the coolest things I had packed.   By day 3,  I stopped wearing makeup as it was literally melting off my face.  My hair???  Forget about it.   I would wash it in the morning, wouldn’t even bother trying to dry it.   I wore hats or pulled back in a ponytail and put on a headband.  Therefore, you will not see many pics of me because it wasn’t a pretty sight.  Haha

When the weather broke, we did get a few pics.


Lots of cobblestone streets and uneven sidewalks so stick to flat sandals and comfortable sneakers!   No heals at all!!  It will be extremely difficult to walk around.  Below is an example of a typical street in Trinidad.

My overall impression of Cuban fashion?

Everyone dresses very casual and simple, so you can wear anything!  The local women wear tight clothing and positive body image seemed to be a pretty strong thing, which is great.  Below is a pic of our Airbnb host in Trinidad.  So confident with her body image!

They did have one trend.   The below crazy stockings/pantyhose.   This is their big fashion trend right now, but only for “business dress”.    We were trying to find some to buy and bring back, but didn’t have any luck.  Interestingly, they have embraced all kinds of nail art trends from crazy prints to nail piercing.


Clothes shopping is abysmal except for crochet items and hats.  If you are checking bags when traveling to Cuba, make sure to bring a change of clothes in your carry on because you’ll have a very hard time finding anything if your luggage was lost.

Tip: You might want to bring a few extra t-shirts (specifically graphic tee’s) and lipstick that you don’t mind leaving behind, as many Cuban women will ask you to leave them.   I had heard about this before I left, but didn’t realize what a big deal this is.  I wish I would have packed a few items.  So, keep this in mind when you’re packing for Cuba.   Oh..regarding the lipstick, I did have an extra one with me that I was going to leave.  It was a neutral pink.  Our host didn’t want it.  Haha.  They want bright red and pink!

So that’s it.   Unbelievable trip and once in a life time experiences that I couldn’t recreate if I wanted to.   Will I go back?   Yes!   Many places we didn’t get to that I would still love to see.

Fashion Trends and Friends Contest Update

Contest Winner Janet Poulin won a day of Shopping with Julie and Lori!

As the winner of FTF’s first contest Janet Poulin won a day of shopping with Julie and Lori acting as her personal style consultants.  Janet is a mother of three, a wife and an English teacher.  Her students say she is on fleek in the way she dresses.  In case your not hip to this term it means to be on point (my 12 year old niece translated for me).  Very high praise from her 6th, 7th and 8th grade students!  Janet was looking to add a few pieces to her work wardrobe so Julie and I had to be on our game to make sure Janet kept her on fleek reputation!  In addition to some new work pieces Janet also wanted help styling her jean jacket as well as a pink sweater she recently acquired.

We started our day at Talbot’s and hit pay dirt!  I love it when that happens.  We found the perfect jacket and then created a few different looks.  Her favorite was the jacket paired with the blue and white striped shirt and scarf!  Julie and I really like this combination too.  The shirt and scarf really bring out her blue eyes.  What a great look for the classroom!


Next we went to work styling Janet’s jean jacket and pink sweater.  We thought her pink sweater was the perfect top to put under her jean jacket.  All we did was add a cute lapel pin and this gorgeous pink plaid scarf with fringe and voila!  Isn’t this look just adorable?  Janet can also wear the blue and white striped shirt with her jean jacket and she can wear her pink sweater under her new green jacket with the pink plaid scarf.  So she immediately has 4 different looks!

One of the best parts of shopping with your friends is they will never steer you wrong.  They will also push you a little out of your comfort zone and get you to try something that you normally might not.  Julie and I did this with Janet.  Gingham is a big Spring trend and Talbots has a beautiful jacket that we thought would look great on Janet and be perfect for school.  Her immediate reaction was “nuh-uh!”  After some nudging we got her to try it on.  We think it looks amazing on her but she just wasn’t feeling it.  We agreed she shouldn’t buy it because if you are going to spend your hard earned money on something you should love it and not be able to wait to wear it!   What do you think?


After doing some serious damage at Talbots we headed to one of our favorite stores White House Black Market.  We were not disappointed.  Although she wasn’t looking for a date night top we found this one and she had to have it.  There are so many great things about this top.  First the coral color is beautiful!  Then it has these amazing bell sleeves – LOVE!  If you look in the mirror you can see the back of the top has a sexy little cut out which shows off well with Janet’s hairstyle.  Last, it flows away from the waist making it flattering and so very comfortable to wear.  I love it paired with this choker necklace.  It is boho chic and my absolute favorite from a very fun and successful day shopping!  What is your favorite look?



Happy 1st Anniversary

Fashion Trends and Friends Celebrates Their 1 Year Anniversary

How It All Got Started:

Cindy, Lori and Julie met freshman year in college on the tenth floor of Stevenson North at Northern Illinois University.  The year was 1979.  Hence, the graininess of these pictures…back in the day of cameras, film and actual photos.  Cell phones with cameras, Facebook, Instagram…even desktop computers were not part of our vocabulary.  Thank goodness!  We all borrowed Lynn’s (pictured in the white tee) typewriter to write our papers.  Cindy and Lori were marketing majors. Julie was an education major. However; one thing was for sure, we had a passion for fashion!

We dabbled in all the fashion trends as evidenced by our “preppy look”,  disco outfits,  to our early ’80s (1984) jumpsuits with padded shoulders.  I’m (Julie) embarrassed to say I rocked the permed mullet at one point.  UGH!  FTF has supported each other over all these years celebrating each other’s successes and supporting each other during difficult times…forever friends!

Fast Forward to the Summer of 2015

One of our annual traditions as girlfriends is what we refer to as our “poolside chat”.  This annual tradition is an all day affair of catching up with each other, eating, laughing, and drinking.  Part of the conversations tends to focus on fashion challenges we face as we get older.  It can be difficult finding age appropriate looks because designers focus on teens and millennials.  However, we will not be resigned to old lady looking outfits. We’re confident we can overcome these challenges and still be cute and trendy no matter our age.  Fashion Trends and Friends was formally put into action after our summer 2015 poolside chat.  We knew we could help others in our demographic and thought we’d not only share but also point fellow 50 and over fashionistas in the right direction!  FTF is as much about FRIENDS as we are about FASHION!  What separates us from other bloggers in our demographic is that we offer solutions!


Fashion Trends and Friends has been blogging weekly since April 2016.  Here are our highlights over the past year:


Each week I’ve looked forward to conference calling with Cindy and Lori.  First, we catch up with each other and then jump into FTF details!  I’ve learned to master my selfie stick and have recently purchased a tripod.  It was difficult getting used to taking pictures of myself and always judging them with a critical eye.  Sharing my passion for fashion is such fun; and I love telling others what we’re doing…blogging, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest!  I’m proud of FTF joining forces with other woman bloggers over 50 through #thefierce50 campaign.   Lori and I had the time of life being filmed for the documentary series about Tina of Tina’s Closet even if nothing comes of it.  I strongly believe that we’ll continue to grow and assist others to “be their own kind of beautiful”!  FTF is destined for greatness!


My first job out of college was in the fashion world working for Trifari.  I totally loved working with my first boss, mentor, who then grew to be one of my best friends, Wendi Mancini!  She taught me everything there was to know about retail and costume jewelry.  Although I moved in a different direction in my day job I continued to love fashion so when Lori and Julie approached me about joining them to create Fashion Trends and Friends I was all in!  Fashion Trends and Friends is unique in the blogging world because our focus is solving fashion challenges women our age face by highlighting clothing options that are on trend, hide flaws and where to buy them.   Our priority is to make it easy for busy women who are our age and are pulled in a million directions to stay hip and current.  Based on the feedback we have received from our followers we are hitting the mark! Thanks for following us and feel free to invite your friends.  Be social and share!


When we first started this blog my hope was that Fashion Trends and Friends would become a trusted resource for women.  A place to find what the current trends are, a place to find great outfits that looked good and also camouflage problem areas, and a place that will tell you where to buy these outfits/looks.   The unsolicited feedback we’ve received from friends and followers leads me to believe we are on track and are making an impact.  It makes this journey so gratifying!  Here are some of the things we’ve heard from followers this past year:

” I never thought I could wear things from Boston Proper.  I thought their stuff was too sexy for women my age but after seeing you wearing their clothing I knew I could wear it too and look age appropriate.”  

“I loved your blog featuring tops that keep you cool in the hot summer and yet cover your arms.  I actually went on line and bought two of them myself.”

“I thought Aldo’s was a very expensive store!  I had no idea they’re shoes, purses and accessories were so reasonably priced.  I am going to check them out!” 

Thank you to all of our friends and followers for supporting us!  We love you all!


Thanks for celebrating with us, supporting and encouraging us throughout this crazy, fun adventure!  Cheers to many successful blogging years to come!  Have a suggestion for upcoming blog topics?  Leave your suggestions in the comments!




Girlfriends and Fashion Event

Girlfriends and Fashion Event Hosted by Chico’s

Chico’s recently hosted a Girlfriends and Fashion Event along with a best girl friend contest. Lori and I headed out for the Chico’s in Oak Brook to check out the new/current spring trends!

As you know by now, we happen to wear a lot of Chico’s for work and play. Additionally, Chico’s has become a supporter of The Fierce 50 Champaign and Movement. In the beginning of March, they sent all of The Fierce 50 women a lovely girlfriend bracelet as a gesture of their support of our over 50 movement. Chico’s target market is women over 50; and we were thrilled to receive the “girlfriend bracelet”.

The day of the Girlfriends and Fashion Event Lori and I met the wonderful staff; Lauren Uher (manager), Jeanie Monaco and Janet Kostelaz.  All three of them were so accommodating…taking our pictures, moving the showroom around, pulling sizes and just plain laughing and having fun with us!


FTF can always find items at Chico’s that we love, are on trend, age-appropriate and figure flattering!

Lori and I both purchased these jeans!  So cute on and we purchased the tee:  “Chic Happens”!  One is in the mail for fellow FTF Cindy!  

This jean jacket was also a big hit with both of us!  SOLD!  The fringe detailing along the bottom adds interest!

Chico’s has amazing accessories and jewelry!  Their pieces are so unique, great quality and add some wow factor to an outfit.  I was so drawn to this amazing scarf and as you guessed, had to have it!


Look at these great jewelry pieces we also purchased:


Future Events:

Chico’s of Oak Brook Center and Fashion Trends and Friends are going to host a shopping event featuring Chico’s summer styles! Stay tuned for the details!  Would you like to join us?  Leave us a comment so we’re sure to invite you!

Shop Chico’s:

Note: All opinions are completely my own.  I was not asked by anyone to do a Chico’s review, and did not receive any compensation for it.





Cabi Spring 2017

Getting ready for Cuba with a little help from the Cabi spring collection.  

I love Cabi.  When I attended my first party over a year ago I had no idea I would be such a brand advocate.    If you missed my original post on Cabi you can read it here.  I have made sure to have a few key pieces from every season.   Truth be told I go in to each party telling myself “only a few pieces” and come out with much more than I planned.  HaHa!  If I could own their entire wardrobe, I seriously would. I’m not kidding.


I just attended their Spring 2017 party and I was looking for some vacation pieces as I’m going to Cuba in 2 weeks with my childhood girlfriend Donna.  Another Fabulous Over 50 gal!

I’m trying to keep myself to a color palette to avoid over packing.  If you follow us on FB, do you remember the picture of the trunk of our girls trip to Cape Cod last year?  If you missed it, here it is.   I’m going to try to do better this trip!


Anyway, I’m a long time fan of the nautical look so I was excited to see it make a comeback.  I decided before the party that I wanted to go with that color palette for my trip.  As I was anxiously awaiting my invite from Renee Deeter  to see the collection,  I was stalking Pinterest looking at all previews.  Love the rich colors of navy blue, red, yellow and green and the bold patterns.

I needed a plan before I went to the party so I didn’t go overboard this time 🙂   I decided to start pulling out items for my trip and  realized I needed some “basics”.   So, I chose to stick primarily with buying basics this time.

I’m normally not a “hoodie” person, but loved the beachcomber hoodie.  It’s a really soft heather rose yarn material.  I think I’m going to live in this hoodie!  I like that the cut of the hoodie is a bit oversized.   It has skinnier sleeves that anchor the boxy silhouette so it won’t overwhelm your frame if you are more petite.  For my trip, I will be able to wear it casual and dress it up. Here’s a few ideas on how Cabi styles the  hoodie.  Cute, Right?!  Oh, notice the navy wedges ?  Cabi now sells shoes.   They are adorable.   I would have bought them, but I just received 3 pairs of shoes for my trip from Sole Society.

Items I bought

Here are the items I bought for my trip.  I can mix and match and dress up or down.   Plus  all the below items hide my trouble spots!

The tassel tank will also go with the hoodie.  A note about the Hutton sand color jean…Bought a pair of these same jeans last season in army green and love, love them.  They are really flattering & comfortable.   This jean also comes in red this season.  I’m a fan of the silhouette the floral top  because its covers up all those “trouble” areas.  I can also wear this with the hoodie.   Their cami’s run longer in the torso and don’t creep up! Finally had to have the scarf.  Those of you that know me, know I love a scarf.

You can order any of these items and see the entire spring collection here.

So here are the pieces I’m taking on my trip.   I’m trying to get this all in a carry on so I don’t have to check luggage.  Not sure that is going to work.  Maybe if I edited a few pairs of shoes?   LOL



Note: All opinions are completely my own.  I was not asked by anyone to do a Cabi review, and did not receive any compensation for it.

Shopping Party at Talbots

A Sunday Afternoon Shopping with Friends!

Talbots approached Fashion Trends and Friends and asked if we would be interested in having a shopping party at their Old Orchard store.  We loved the idea!  So we invited some of our friends and family and spent a delightful afternoon checking out Talbots new spring collection.  Our host and store manager, Bridgette Losielle, rolled out the red carpet welcoming us with lovely refreshments and a dedicated spot in their beautiful dressing room.


She created a “look bar” to give us inspiration and to highlight their new spring arrivals!  It included some of the spring’s hottest trends like gingham, blouses with bows and many pieces in blush rose which is a color being featured this season.  Blush rose looks good on all skin tones!  She also had an accessory station in the dressing room that included jewelry, scarfs, purses and shoes.  So thoughtful!  It allowed us to easily create different looks as we tried on clothes. Bridgette also created a “look wall” in the dressing room showing one jacket worn 4 ways!  It was a great way to show us how to create multiple outfits and looks around a signature piece.

Then the shopping began. It is much more fun to shop with friends than by yourself.  You can rely on your girlfriends to tell you the truth, push you a little out of your comfort zone, and kindly tell you when something doesn’t  flatter. We all found something we loved!  Kathy found a great pair of pants. Janet purchased a great jacket and several tops. Liza found a great pair of jeans; and Lynn had to have this jacket and kitty cat tee.  I bought 2 adorable blouses and black and white gingham pants.  I am in love with these pants and shirts.  We had lot of laughs and an overall great time. Our sincere thank you to Bridgette and the entire Talbot’s staff for giving us this VIP shopping experience!   It is definitely something we’d like to do again.  If you are interested in joining our next shopping party, leave a comment.  We’d love to share this experience with you!




Where do you shop? Julie gets personal…

Where do I like to shop?

Well I like to shop almost anywhere!  Case in point, the love of my life and husband for almost 30 years (this coming Sept.) was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  We received this devastating news on Jan. 9th.  “You have a mass on your pancreas!” It came as a “gut punch”!  How could this possibly be true and it surely couldn’t be happening to us!  By Feb. 7th, we were meeting with the pancreatic surgeon to schedule the surgery.  As a result of my high level of concern and anxiety over what we were going to be told and all the steps necessary to get there, I found myself on the verge of a total meltdown.  I needed to time myself out and take a step out for minute.  When I did this, I happened to notice the Starbucks and  the hospital gift shop in the lobby.  More to come on this!


On Valentine’s Day,  Len had surgery to remove the tumor.  We were pleased and blessed with a pancreatic specialist/surgeon who was able to remove the whole tumor.  Len and I spent the next two days in Critical Care and the next four days in what I referred to as a “room with a view”…room 1105.  I was reluctant to leave the room as I wanted to be present to ensure he got the level of care I felt he deserved and needed as anyone would with the love of their life!  On occasion, I would stop down for a frappuccino or a diet pop.  I couldn’t help but notice all of the wonderful items in the gift shop as it was connected to the Starbucks.  One day I overheard a woman saying to her son, “What’s wrong with me?  I can shop anywhere!”  OMG, I could totally relate to that statement!!!  I chuckled to myself and thought I’ll have to come back and check it out.   Several items were catching my eye!


Friends and family rallied around us!  (Fashion Trends and Friends is as much about FRIENDS as we are about fashion!)  A co-worker prepared an amazing care package for me full of things I  had no idea I would need but that came in handy for both Len and I during our hospital stay!  The bag pictured above was a gift from Cindy at Christmas.  No denying the cute factor and appropriateness of this bag for a fashion blogger!  This bag made me smile daily and it was filled with the things my friend lovingly put together for us!  Len and I were overwhelmed with the numerous cards, texts, flowers, care packages, meals, and prayers…lots and lots of prayers…that we received and continue to receive!  We are loved and blessed!


Upon returning to the hospital to fill a prescription for Len several weeks after his discharge, I investigated the gift shop further.  I purchased the black and white top in the picture below.  Two weeks prior they had the same top but with black on the top and white on the bottom.  When I spoke to the owner of the shop and the sales clerk, they informed me that things sell quickly in the store.  They’ve had repeat customers for years.  Customers who come to the hospital for the sole purpose of shopping.  Some of their customers they know quite well…well enough to know about marriages, births, divorces, etc.


The gift shop had a wide range of tops, skirts, spring sweaters, scarfs, purses, jewelry, hats, sunglasses and flip flops!  I also purchased this top and scarf!  There are several ways I will style it for spring and have already created several completed looks in my mind!  Both tops are Charlie Paige.


Look at how cutely they wrap your purchase and the adorable bag!  True confession, I also have a thing for bags and like to save them!  This bag makes me happy and makes me smile!  Who doesn’t want to smile and feel happy when having to visit a hospital?!


I’ll shop anywhere!  We (FTF) have our favorite places to shop as you know those are on the blog.  However, I don’t limit myself and will shop anywhere!  Similar to the other shopper I can find things I like in the most unusual places!  Where do you like to shop?  Do you have an usual place that others wouldn’t think of shopping?  Leave us a comment!


I couldn’t end the blog without letting you know that Len doesn’t need radiation or chemotherapy!  The tumor was successfully removed.  He continues to recover as I write this because recovery is approximately six to eight weeks.  They took out 60% of his pancreas, his spleen and sixteen lymph nodes.   Len has been amazing throughout this process always positive always determined always thankful!  While I was getting the car and as Len was being wheeled out of the hospital, the nurse commented on how I was dressed throughout his stay.  Len proceeded to promote Fashion Trends and Friends and disclosed that I’m a fashion blogger.  The nurse stated that it now made sense why I dressed the way I did even for hospital visits.  I feel better and function better when I feel cute.  You already know this about me!

In the end, we know that this whole experience will have simply been a bump in the road on this adventure we call life!  My new mantra:  The little things are really the big things worthy of celebration!  Now it’s time to plan a wonderful trip this summer to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary!  Any suggestions where we should go?  It will need to include some good shopping!  LOL


FTF Reader Survey

Take Our Reader Feedback Survey

March will mark one year since we launched our blog.   This past year has been one of experimenting and learning for us.   As we start the new year, we would love to know what you think we are doing well, what we can do better, and what you’d like to see from us in 2017

To encourage participation and in appreciation of your time, we are offering a $25 Amazon Gift Card to one random participant.   It’s simple to enter.   When you start the survey, you will see the option to enter your email address.  We will select a random winner on March 8th and the winner will be contacted via email.





FTF’s Contest Update

About Janet 

Janet is a busy woman!  She is a wife, a mother of three wonderful children and an educator.  Like so many of us she is constantly on the go doing her best to balance all of life’s demands.   So it isn’t surprising that finding time to shop, determining what the latest trends are or knowing the best places to shop isn’t at the top of of her priority list.   Fashion Trends and Friends asked Janet why she entered the contest. Her response is below.

“I would love Fashion Trends and Friends to help me shop because purchasing clothes has become extremely difficult over the last few years.  I find that I’m in between age groups and clothing is either too young or too old and there isn’t much that is stylish for someone my age.”

Fashion Trends and Friends is Here to Help!

We’ve got a shopping date scheduled.  Julie and Lori will help Janet find three fantastic outfits!  So check back in a few weeks as we’ll share our experience complete with pictures of Janet’s new looks!



The Fierce 50 ~ Meet Carol

The Fierce 50 Campaign – Meet Carol Parker Walsh!

As we previously mentioned, Fashion Trends and Friends is PROUD to be participating in the first annual #Fierce50 campaign! The Fierce 50 are woman bloggers in their 50s have joined together to collaborate, and support each other today on the 50th day of the year – February 19th.   The intent of the campaign to is to show the world who we are and that the 50 we are experiencing is not the 50 we saw when we were growing up. It’s a powerful time in a woman’s life. It’s an amazing time of personal freedom, empowerment and strength. The Fierce 50 intend to wake up brands and designers and let them know that we are women with capital in our pockets. We deserve their attention and respect. We also come together to support, encourage and lift each other up. We’re not just about fashion, no we are thinking much bigger!  We want to build a community of women that genuinely care about one another and want to change the world by working together for the greater good.  We invite you to join us in this mission!

Presenting Our Blog Partner:  Dr. Carol Parker Walsh

The #Fierce50 campaign partnered Fashion Trends and Friends with Dr. Carol Parker Walsh.  It is our honor to introduce you to this powerhouse of a woman!  Carol is the Founder of Evolve Image Consulting, LLC.  When we first began investigating who our partner really was by pursuing her blog and social media, we immediately got that sense that Carol is a fun, positive, energetic uplifter all about empowering other woman and bringing about the best in each woman through fashion.  We knew right away that this partnership was a perfect match! Who doesn’t want to look and feel amazing, which is part of FTF’s mission!


Carol’s Expertise:

  • The Doctor is In:  Carol has a master’s degree in organizational communication and behavior and a PhD in human development and social psychology with a focus on identity development, self-esteem & self-worth, and the social influences & determinants on the health and well-being of women.
  • Certified and Trained: Carol is a certified organizational consultant, image consultant and color analyst which means she’s had excessive training and passed exams to prove her knowledge. She is the President of the Association of Image Consultants International, San Francisco Bay Area Chapter and a certified and licensed facilitator in Fashion Feng Shui®, the only one in the Pacific Northwest and one of 20 in the U.S. These are key if you’re looking to work with a professional.
  • Years of Experience: Carol has over 10 years experience in the fashion industry and five additional years as a jewelry retailer and brand ambassador. She has 25 years experience in executive level leadership. In her career, she has been a practicing attorney, management & organizational consultant, leadership coach & trainer, graduate & doctoral level professor, director of two academic programs, associate dean, and successfully ran a 6-figure entrepreneurial consulting practice.
  • Featured and Published: Carol is proud to be a #1 best-selling author, to write a monthly column for the Vancouver Business Journal entitled “Dress Code” and be the local image/style expert for The Oregonian.  She’s a regular contributor on ABC/KATU2 AMNW Morning Show, and has been featured on other morning shows, popular blogs, journals, and magazines; and has been the keynote or featured speaker for a variety of organizations nationally and around the world. She’s been seen on:

Carol’s Services:

Fashion Trends and Friends loves Carol’s “Virtual Wardrobe Consultant Service.”  She so aptly points out that most of us only wear 20% of what is in our closet!  So true!  Carol has a service called Wardrobe Consultant that will help you to identify and gain clarity on your authentic style, your goals & intentions and will show you how to align your wardrobe accordingly.  Sign me up!  Her clients have called her a gifted and intelligent stylist!


Carol’s Personal Side:

On a personal note Carol is a wife and mom of 2 fabulous kiddos, shoes and accessories are her favorite things.  She believes leopard print is a neutral.  She knows how to make you look fabulous!   She loves to laugh, have fun and is a hugger!  She has two dogs and being stylishly comfortable is a thing to her.  She is also a classically trained mezzo-soprano, has traveled to 11 countries.  On top of all that she was awarded the Iris Woman of Achievement Award in 2009 for her service and contribution to her community, the Villager Award in 2016 for empowering and uplifting others.  We loved getting to know Carol Walsh Parker and highly recommend you get to know her too!  Check her out at Evolving Your Image .


Find Out More About Carol:



Find Out More About the Fierce 50 Campaign 

Click here to see an archive where you will find each of the women that are participating in The Fierce 50 along with their blog posts.    To learn more about this campaign read this article by Hannah Storm.


As part of this celebration a give away is taking place on Instagram starting 7 PM PST today, February 19, 2017. To enter go to @fashiontandf

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