Mother’s Day Post

Mother's Day Fashion

We love our moms, Ruth, Kenlyn and Gene!  As mother’s day is just around the corner we wanted to honor and thank them for inspiring us to chase our dreams and for being our strongest supporters!  Our moms have influenced every aspect of our lives including fashion.

One of my strongest memories of my mom is her rolling my hair up in hard, pink, plastic curlers on Saturday night and then pulling them out ruthlessly on Sunday morning.  Whenever my sisters or I complained she would say, “You have to suffer to be beautiful!” In fairness to her, she had 4 children to get ready for 10:00 am mass 🙂 ….Lori about her mom, Ruth (pictured with her husband, Larry)

One of my fondest memories is watching my mom getting ready.  I enjoyed watching her go through her beauty routine. She even put on mascara, blush and lipstick despite being a stay at home mom with no plans for going anywhere during the day. (She didn’t even drive until I was three!)  My mom led by example…purses, hats, jewelry. If she felt my dad would be upset about her spending money, she would bring him with and put me in the outfit. He could never say no!  …Julie about her mom, Kenlyn (pictured in the pink sweater and pearls).

The biggest thing I can remember my mom telling me was, “you must always take your makeup off at night otherwise you’ll get wrinkles when your old!”  I also remember her response when I complained I had thick eyebrows, “there is nothing wrong with thick eyebrows, Brooke Shields has thick eyebrows and she’s a model!”.  It didn’t help at the time but when I think about it now I think she was telling me I was perfect just the way I am!….Cindy about her mom Gene (pictured in the swimsuit on the beach).

Happy Mother’s Day to our Fashionista Moms – We love you!



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