Leaving your hairstylist

I’m Getting Divorced


After 15 years of marriage, I filed for divorce. Needed a change. Nothing more, nothing less.  No, I didn’t leave my husband, but my hairstylist.

I spent 15 years with my hairstylist.  Robert was one of the first people I met when I moved to Phoenix Arizona.   In some ways I feel we grew up together.  We both lost parents.  I got married. He left a long term relationship. He opened his own shop. I moved to Tucson AZ.

I actually really loved the guy, but getting to him has become so inconvenient (a 2-hour drive to Phoenix) and he has changed his work schedule to only 3 days a week and the hours are wonky.   So I decided that it was time for us to go our separate ways.

It took several months, but I found the courage and texted a friend of mine in Tucson.   “What’s the name of your hairdresser? I need a change.”    I felt terrible, felt like I was cheating! Why cheating? It sounds simple enough, right? You don’t like your hairstylist, so you switch salons. It’s only hair! But there was a loyalty built up with Robert over time that made switching more difficult than I thought it would be.   In fact, breaking up with your hairstylist is such a big deal Oprah actually did a whole show on the subject years ago.

So. I’m back on the dating scene. Looking to fall in love again. I’ve been dating a new stylist. She’s good and time will tell.   But I will tell you that she’s not my Robert!     Do I need to send Robert alimony???

Have you ever broken up with your hair stylist?   How did you feel?

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