Wear Pink For Breast Cancer Awareness

I Wear Pink For Breast Cancer Awareness  

I wear pink this month in honor of my sister in-law, Kim Nassar Williams and all breast cancer survivors and those currently battling the disease.  So in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, I would like to introduce to my sister in-law Kim Williams.



Kim was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 45 years old.  There was no history in the family and she is probably one of the healthiest, highly active people I know!   She found the lump herself a week before her annual mammogram.  She felt a small lump (she says it felt like the top of an eraser) but didn’t think much of the lump.   Unfortunately, after the mammogram they determined she had stage 2 breast cancer.

Kim trooped through the radiation & chemo.   She lost all her hair by the second chemo treatment.  Kim can sew, so she made her own bandana’s to match her outfits.   A cancer fashionista!

Kim didn’t have many side effects from the treatment.   Kim would go for treatment on Wed, Thursday morning would get a shot to boost her white blood cell and then went to work! The treatment did knock the hell out of her energy.  By Friday, Kim couldn’t lift her head off her pillow (This is a woman who doesn’t sit still!)  When I asked on what she did to get her energy up so she could go to work, she told me that she would try to walk every other night to get her energy back.

Well I’m happy to tell you that Kim’s cancer is gone and she has been cancer free for 12 years now!

What I find so amazing is that when I was taking to Kim about her experience for this post she kept mentioning all the positive things that came from the experience.  This is so Kim and what I so admire about her.   The positives for Kim were…

  1. Her hair grew back a beautiful gray
  2. She realized how much people cared about her
  3. She was blessed to be surrounded by close friends and family

I asked Kim what she would tell others.   She said “life is a journey.  There will be tough times, but it’s all in how you handle it and how you feel inside.” A great message for all of us!

Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  

There is still time to shop to help women during breast cancer awareness month.  These items raise awareness and money for the disease


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