Fashionable Friends Meet Pam Renee

Meet Pam Renee Our Fashionista Friend


Meet Pam Renee

Pam Renee has been a friend of mine for the past twenty-nine years!  We met through our husband’s who grew up together in Chicago.  Currently, they play in a rock n roll/blues band called Slingblade.  No doubt, Pam Renee is a cool chic!  She’s always so contemporary and trendy!  FTF thinks she’s a true hipster!  Pam Renee has her own amazing flair for fashion.  I have never seen her to look anything but absolutely adorable!  Pam Renee LOVES scarves and big statement necklaces and all accessories.  She tries to keep it simple with just a few! Pam Renee’s personality is just as enjoyable, bubbly and colorful as her fashion!  I won’t share her age; but I know you’d be hard pressed to guess correctly.  Pam Renee agrees with FTF that  you can look  trendy and appropriate at any age.  Thanks Pam Renee for allowing us to feature FASHIONABLE YOU on our blog!

Pam Renee’s Favorite Places to Shop

Pam Renee’s favorite places to shop are small local boutiques: Sanem in Oak Park and Jayne & Madison Street Shoes in Forest Park. Pam Renee loves the boho look of Sundance catalog clothes. Boden is a also favorite.   She feels finding bargains at Marshall’s,  Target and the Gap is, of course, a blast!

Fashion Challenges

Wearing clothes on her smallish, shorter body is sometimes a challenge.  As we discussed in a previous blog, finding clothes that fit well can be difficult.  For solutions, see our previous blog:

Pam Renee’s Fashion Hero

Iris Apfel is Pam Renee’s fashion hero.  FTF completely agrees!  If you don’t know Iris, you should!


Could Pam Renee be any cuter?  FTF thinks not!  Even fashionable Tulsi got in the photo shoot!


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