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Shoe Candy by Kara Mac

It’s September and Fall Fashion is on FTF’s mind. Introducing you to the Broadway Boot from our Fellow Forever Fierce Friend, ShoeCandy by Kara Mac. A few years ago, she quit her job as an apparel designer in NYC to start her business, after inventing this heel clip system. FTF thinks this idea is FANTASTIC! Kara also sells shoes and sandals.  It’s a three step process:  1.  Chose your shoe.  2.  Chose your shoe candy.  3.  Create your shoe candy.  How fun is that?!

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An Outfit Formula That Will Cut Your Getting Ready Time in Half!

Style blogger Anuschka Rees shows how to take your wardrobe to the next level and streamline your morning routine in her new book The Curated Closet.
So What’s An Outfit Formula—And How Does It Work?

Working with outfit formulas is one of my favorite techniques for building a mixable, versatile wardrobe (and the third strategy that you can use to map out your ideal closet).

What’s an outfit formula? It’s a recipe for a specific combination of items that you can wear in lots of different versions. If you like, you can also wear an outfit formula like a uniform, with very little variation. If you’re into the idea of having a set uniform, you’re in good company—some of the biggest style icons of our time wear a version of their uniform over and over again, from US Vogue editor in chief Anna Wintour (sunglasses, a patterned knee-length dress, heels, and a chunky necklace) to fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld (slim-fitting black slacks, a black blazer, a white shirt with a high collar, a tie, and gloves).

Here are some examples:

  • Flared jeans + simple camisole + cardigan + flat sandals













  • Pencil skirt + blouse + blazer + heels













The idea is that you choose a few outfit formulas that reflect your style and which you feel confident wearing and then curate several different pieces that you can mix and match for each ingredient of your outfit formulas. For example, if one of your outfit formulas is A-line mini skirt + button-down shirt + slip-on mules, you could stock your wardrobe with two A-line skirts, three button-down shirts, and two pairs of mules, all in different but mixable colors, patterns, and materials.

That’s only seven pieces in total—but those seven pieces give you twelve different outfit combinations to choose from! And that’s only for one single outfit formula. Imagine if you had three outfit formulas hanging in your closet. Not only would you have three times twelve distinct outfits to choose from, you could also mix them all with each other, style them up with accessories… et voilà: you’ve got a wardrobe that’s packed with different outfit options that all fit your style.

Of course, not everything in your closet needs to be a part of one of your formulas. Think of your outfit formula as your style staples. You can wear them as per recipe but you can also modify them and mix them with the rest of your wardrobe, perhaps add an extra layer like a jacket, and then top everything off with accessories, hair, and makeup.

Figure Out Your Fashion Go-Tos

Complete these next three steps in your style file!

Step 1: Look at what outfit formulas you’re already wearing.
Even if you hadn’t heard of the concept before, it’s likely that you already have at least one or two outfit formulas in rotation at the moment. Do you tend to wear some type of slacks or chinos with a looser-fitting shirt and ballet flats for work? That’s an outfit formula right there! And your go-to mini dress + ankle boots + coat combo? That’s another one!

Go back over the last two weeks’ worth of outfits you’ve worn and list every combination that comes up at least three times. Then take a moment to think about why you keep wearing each particular formula and cross out any that you are not wearing for a good reason. Good reasons would be that it makes you feel confident, it’s super comfortable, or you simply love the look of it. Repeatedly wearing a formula because you are stuck in a rut, want to cover up, or couldn’t think of anything else to wear, however, would be bad reasons.

Step 2: Find outfit formulas that reflect your ideal style.
Just like every other aspect of your wardrobe, your outfit formulas should above all reflect your personal style. So once you’ve made a list of all the outfit formulas you are already wearing, take a few minutes to look through your style profile and mood board and figure out which outfit formulas would best reflect the overall look you want to go for. Essentially, an outfit formula is a specific combination of silhouettes, so pay special attention to any inspiration you collected on cuts and silhouettes and also all information you gathered during your fieldwork stage about how you like things to fit. Add your favorites to the list of outfit formulas you are already wearing and liking.

Step 3: Choose your favorite outfit formula to get started.
From your list of contenders, choose the two to four outfit formulas that you (1) consider to best reflect your style in terms of the silhouettes you like and (2) would feel super comfortable and confident in. If you have to wear very different types of clothes for work, you could split these up and choose two formulas for work and two for evenings and weekends. For now, choose only your absolute favorites; you can always add more later if you need to.

Put Your Formulas to Work

To implement your outfit formulas, start by going through your closet and pick out anything that could work as an ingredient. Then, see where you stand and identify where your biggest gaps are.

As a general rule, it’s a good idea to first make sure you have at least two versions for all formula ingredients. That way you can start wearing and mixing pieces within your formulas sooner rather than later. Once you’ve curated those two first pieces per ingredient, you can gradually add more if you want to, and as your budget allows.

When it comes to choosing pieces, aim for variety! If you need five tank tops, don’t just grab a stack of basic ones in different shades of gray. One or two basics in neutral colors is fine, but make the other tank tops key or statement pieces and pick different necklines, patterns, and details. Your goal is to cover as big of a range within each little group of ingredients as possible. Using that approach will allow you to express many different facets of your personal style, even with a smaller number of pieces.Time for another list! For each one of your chosen outfit formulas, write down a quick description of every piece you already own by ingredient. Next, think about how many pieces are still missing per ingredient and write down any first ideas about what type of pieces you may want to buy. All this information will come in handy once you are ready to overhaul your wardrobe in chapter 13 and are trying to decide what pieces to put on your shopping list.

Here are examples for a warm-weather climate.

When In Doubt, Follow This Sample Plan
To show you a concrete example of how outfit formulas can be used in action, here are two weeks’ worth of outfits, all created from only two outfit formulas, each of which contains two or three pieces.

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Velvet Shoes

This season we are seeing velvet everything: shoes, boots, jackets, tops, pants and dresses. It is everywhere. FT&F’s current obsession is velvet shoes. There are so many great options- check them out!





 Panty Lines and Underwear that Rides Up – The Worst!

Is there anything more uncomfortable than underwear that rides up or creates unseemly panty lines?   Constantly pulling and tugging them back into place.  Don’t you hate that?

The Solution – Vanishing Edge Panties by Soma Intimates

My Fashion Trends and Friends partner,  Julie, and I went to Soma Intimates shopping for bras but what we fell in love with were their Vanishing Edge Panties.  Soma has a patented vanishing edge technology that provides breathable stay-put silicone at the leg openings.  The silicone holds the panties in place.  The vanishing edge (think no seam on the leg openings) make all lines disappear.  Even under yoga pants.   They come in all styles and colors. These are truly my favorite panties ever!  You can shop at one of their many stores or visit their website to shop on line at .  They are currently having a sale.  If you decide to try a few pairs I recommend you sign up for their rewards program for additional discounts!

Vanishing Edge Panties by Som







Boston Proper – Making Plaid Sexy!

What comes to mind when you think of plaid?  I think classic, conservative, Catholic schoolgirl uniforms, old world and old school.  Not anymore!  Check out Boston Proper’s latest catalog or go online to see how they have transformed plaid.  Shirts, skirts, shoes, ponchos and even a moto jackets.   This ain’t your mama’s plaid! I love it!  You can find all these items and more on





Crushing On Dusty Cedar Fall Color Trend


Even if the weather is still warm where you are for a while, you can start to integrate some fall into your wardrobe with color. I’ve always been a fan of wearing  in pink in the spring and summer, but for fall, I gravitate to a more muted shade.  I’m crushing on this color right now so I decided to put together some of my favorites.

Talbots Roll-Tab Tee

I am in love with this Roll-Tab Sleeve Ballet Neck Tee. The sleeve length is perfect because it is just long enough to conceal aging upper arm skin and yet short enough to keep you cool during hot summer days. Plus it comes in stripes, patterns and 14 different colors.  It is a great basic piece to add to your summer wardrobe!


Reader SunglassesALEX (1)

Several years ago I was vacationing with my husband’s family on the Cape and was lamenting about not being able to read on the beach to my brother in law, David. Regular sunglasses didn’t work because I was at an age where I needed “readers”.   David’s solution was to wear his sunglasses over his readers.  It worked but it wasn’t attractive or comfortable.  A few weeks later I was complaining to my BFF Julie’s husband, Lenny, and said, “Why don’t they make reader sunglasses?” Lenny said, “They do.  I’ve seen them at CVS.”   I was so excited! I went straight to CVS and bought a pair.  I’ve been hooked ever since!

Over time the number of retailers offering reader sunglasses has increased and includes Nordstrom, Macy’s, CVS, and  Inventory is very limited in stores so I highly recommend you shop online to find the best selection.  

If you don’t know what strength you need go to the home page and click on the “help me find my power” link.  It is very easy to use.   After that go buy your self a pair and head to the beach or pool with a good book and read in comfort and style!




I would like to introduce you to Switchflops by Lindsay Phillips.

I was introduced to them about 5 years ago through a friend of mine here in Tucson.  Let me tell you what struck me right away with these….Comfort. When I look at a casual sandal like a flip flop, I expect comfort.   They have a nice thick sole and I really feel like my arch is supported in them.   The idea of this flip flop is ingenious!  The straps velcro onto the shoes and you can purchase a variety (over 80+ I think) of straps to switch out giving you a ton of options.  I LOVE THAT!!!

The summers are long here in Tucson and Flip Flops are super practical.   To start, I’ll wear them inside my house all summer instead of slippers.   I do wear them out.  I will wear them with a cute sundress, capris or jeans.

On the Lindsay Phillips website you can explore the different types of shoes as well as all of the strap options, creating your own unique pieces.   Lindsay has more than just flip flops, too: wedges and other sandal options are available – even little kitten heels (which are very cute)

Now when I travel, it’s so much easier than before because I no longer have to cram 4 or 5 different pairs of shoes into my bag. I simply pack 1 pair and a few straps that match my outfits, and I’m good to go.  (That just gives me more room for clothes!)

Lindsay Phillips



Orange is the new black for this spring, so I am definitely adding this color to my spring/summer wardrobe. I have been seeing this color on the runway fashion shows, worn both subtle and bold. And yes, just like any other color, there are versatile ways of how to wear orange.  Make sure to check our blog posts and follow along on FB and Pinterest see how I will be wearing it and maybe you can find some inspiration!




Wipe Out Wrinkles                                        

Pack of 30 Sachets


I have been so unhappy with the lines around my mouth and my smile lines for some time now. This causes me to be on a constant mission to find the proverbial fountain of youth to fix my wrinkles. I just recently purchased WOW, and am now obsessed with the absolutely AMAZING results I get especially around my most concerning areas. It also diminishes the lines around my eyes, frown lines and forehead creases! I feel as though WOW makes them all almost completely disappear! If I could, I would take a bath in WOW!

It Works! WOW™ wipes out your wrinkles! In 45 seconds you will start to feel it working, and in 45 more seconds all you will be able to say is WOW!

#EYEDARE you not to say WOW when you see your results!

See for yourself. Here are my before and after pictures:



chin wrinkles


chin no wrinkles







lottie dottie


While on a birthday get away weekend last July in Door County, Wisc., I was shopping. (I know…surprising!) I came across Lotti Dotties in a little boutique. I was immediately attracted to all the choices of dots and how they were interchangeable. I bought myself a necklace and ring. Each item came with two dots. Upon returning home, I immediately ordered myself many more dots. I love the fact that the items are great for traveling as you can pop out the dots and insert whichever dot to match your OOTD! I was so obsessed with Lotti Dotties that I purchased them for two girlfriends as Christmas gifts! The individual dots are so reasonably priced (typically only $6.95 each) why not order one in every color?!

Here is my assortment…I think it’s time to order more dots!



Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes+

This is one of my “obsessions”! In the past, I have always layered my mascara trying to build long, luscious lashes! While I still use my “other” mascaras for every day, I love this for nights out and special occasions. Sometimes I use it for every day just because…see for your self! Here are my before and after pictures…

 Untitled design (1)




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