How To Wear White After Labor Day

Labor Day has come and gone. Have you put away all your white clothes yet, or are you wondering if you can wear white after Labor Day?

I was packing for a conference in Santa Barbara this week and found myself standing in front of my closet thinking….”I really would like to bring my white jeans with on the trip and try to get their full potential with the few months I have left to wear them.”  But then in the back of my mind I keep thinking about that old rule…..”you don’t wear white after Labor Day”.    So I spent the morning searching the internet, Pinterest, Instagram and there doesn’t seem to be any hard or fast rules right now.   I think you just want to be sure it looks intentional, and not like you forgot to put your summer clothes away.

Here’s my thoughts on it….

  • Put away white pants, dresses and tops made from thin, light materials like linen. You can still wear white in more year round fabrics like denim. For example, a gray, camel, black top or cardigan always looks great and white jeans can easily transition into fall.

Here is what I will be taking to the conference.   The white jeans are from the Cabi spring collection.   Because they are thicker fabric they are the perfect fabric that transitions to fall.  The open toe black booties are a brand called Matisse.   They are so comfortable!   They have a unbelievable selection of boots, booties.  I’m obsessed with this black and white color block pair from them.

Tip:  Did you know that boots and booties are all the rage for fall?



  • Pair white or off white jeans with a t-shirt and fall poncho or sweater. Add some cool boots, booties or animal print flats and a fall bag and you’re good to go.   Note how the boots and scarf in the top far right photo make it a fall outfit in the below shot.



Another way is to add a fall accessory to your outfit

  • Add scarf or statement necklace.

Tip:  When wearing a higher neckline such as a turtleneck or a crewneck, a long pendant draws the eye down and towards the middle of the body, elongating the upper body and creating the illusion of that hourglass figure.

  • Soft or creamy whites make your outfit look more fall/winter like than stark white.
  • A winter white or cream with tan will anchor the look.
  • A white wool coat always looks stylish in fall/winter.


What are your feelings about wearing white in the fall?


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