Attention to Details Makes an Outfit Look Complete

How to Make an Outfit Look Complete

Attention to Details

Friends often ask how I go about putting together an entire outfit.  My answer often varies.  However, what is always true is that I see an entire outfit from head to toe, which includes all of the smaller details!  At times, I start with a trendy piece that catches my attention.  Other times, I will see something that I feel speaks my name and evokes a strong emotion…think OMG!  I’ve got to have this!  Either way, I then begin to visualize and create a picture in my mind of what I think the whole outfit would/should look like.  At times, it comes together quickly and I can pull from things I already have in my closet and jewelry armoire.  Other times, I begin my hunt.  When a whole outfit comes together, I get a great sense of satisfaction!

Bare Shoulder Top

For example, take this outfit.  I started with wanting a bare shoulder top to wear this summer based on the current trend.  However, not all bare shoulder tops fit me right and the sleeves kept coming up each time I’d move, which defeats the look.    The top came from Maurice’s. I loved that the small straps are adjustable.  It’s loose flowing material downplays my large chest and midsection.

Patterned Shorts, Jewelry & Sandals

The rest of the details were pulled together to match the top.  The print on the shorts played off of the collar/band at the top of the shirt.  Not identical but similar…it struck me as tribal.  This necklace is in line with the current choker trend.  The earrings and bracelet were already part of my collection.  The ring and the necklace were both purchased at  Charming Charlie’s. I loved the trend of fringed, lace up sandals and let my fingers do the walking.  The sandals are from Amazon.

The Clutch

Lastly, the clutch was one of those items I mentioned earlier that screamed, “OMG!  I’ve got to have this!!!  It will complete the look!”  Clutches are also trendy at the moment. The fact that the clutch is brightly colored and bedazzled with beds and two tassels, another trend drew my eye immediately!  The clutch adds a nice pop of color to my outfit!  The other side of the clutch is actually black and cream similar to the shorts and top.  You can purchase the shorts and clutch at Dress Barn.

There you have it…the details can make all the difference in the entire, pulled together look of an outfit!

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