Meet Julie

Welcome fellow fashionistas and fashionista wanna bes!  We are happy to have you join our family of fashion for all ages ~ Fashion Trends and Friends!  I’d like to take a minute to introduce myself.  My name is Julie; and I fully admit to being a “fashion freak”.  I come from a long lineage of fashionistas long before fashionista was even a word! For as long as I can remember, I’ve been passionate for fashion.   As evidenced by this picture, how many two and a half year olds do you know that would sit under a hair dryer patiently waiting?!  I never minded it.


Fast forward to first grade.  Upon returning home from my first day of school, my mom asked how my first day of school was and if I liked my teacher.  My reply was that my teacher had over slept.  My mom thought it odd that the teacher would have told us that she over slept.  She asked if she told us that.  I replied, “No!”  Of course her next question was how did I know she over slept.  I told her that my teacher did not have time to comb her hair, put on her makeup or iron her dress.  In my five-year-old mind, that equated over sleeping!  My first grade teacher looked like that all year.

I’m extremely visual and can recall events pretty vividly especially what everyone wore!  When I visualize an outfit, I not only see the actual clothes, I see the accessories (jewelry, belt, purse) and shoes.  I will obsess until I make that perfect fashion trend fit and look good on me no matter if I’m at my heaviest or thinnest.  I get asked constantly to take others shopping.  I believe that I have a natural knack and ability to dress all body types.  Lori and Cindy identified their body challenges so I guess I’ll have to confess mine as well.  All of my life, I’ve had a major bootie.  Most of my life, I’ve had a small waist.  This combination can be a fitting nightmare!  Now that many lines carry a “curvy” version life is slightly simpler finding a good fit.  I’m also rather large chested and when I hit my 50’s my once thin waistline seemed to start spreading.  None of these have slowed me down or inhibited me from taking the current fashion trend and making it work!  I love the challenge and am always determined to figure it out!

We’re excited to help you do the same!  There’s no fashion trend that we won’t be able to work out together and will have you looking and feeling your absolute best! Welcome again my fellow Fashionista Friends to Fashion Trends and Friends, Fashion for All Ages!   Cheers to Fun with Fashion!


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