2017’s 5 Biggest Fashion Trends

According to Elle Magazine, the following 5 Fashion Trends will be in for 2017:

  1. IN – Stripes:  This trend has been popular for at least two to three seasons and we’ll see it continued.
  2. IN – Sneakers:  Sneakers will continue to be extremely popular in the upcoming year, but don’t think your typical run of the mill sneakers.  Think glitter, leopard and satin, which will effortlessly dress up an outfit and give you reasons to buy multiples!  On a side note, thinking of FTF’s good friend Lynn…time to get rid of your “busha tennies” and upgrade!  We know you’ll love the leopard!
  3. IN – Artistically Inspired Fashion:  According to Elle, “there was an artistically inspired theme across the runways.”  Whether directly inspired by a particular artist’s work, painterly prints, or patterns, strong art references will be here to stay in 2017.
  4.   IN – Easy Elegance:  According to Elle, “there is a new attitude shift toward ‘easy elegance’ going into spring 2017.” The influence of athletic-inspired pieces will continue.
  5.  IN – The Mule:  I think I wore this trend in the early 90’s!  Do you remember it?  Flat mules, low block-heel mules, heeled mules, sneaker mules, espadrille mules—mules in all fabrications and colors including velvet, satin, canvas, and embroidery. They were big for 2016 and they will be even bigger for 2017.”SHOP THE TRENDS:


  1. Hilary Castillo says:

    Grew up in the 80’s – therefore a huge fan of rock music – so needless to say I’m really digging the vintage Bowie tee with the stripe jacket! Love, love the “easy elegance” photo especially the clutch – to die for!! Lori, I can totally see you rocking that look.

    • cindy says:

      Hey Hilary! I love the easy elegance look too and I appreciate your vote of confidence. However, I couldn’t wear that look to save my life – ha! It would accent my chubby middle. But I think I could rock it if I wore with a crisp white blouse that flowed away from the waist!

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